Musical Bunnies

Plot bunnies love to multiply. Let’s face it; bunnies generally love to multiply…apparently. Is there any proof of this? I suppose there must be, or else the phrases to do with rabbits and sex wouldn’t exist.

For anyone not familiar with plot bunnies (probably everyone outside of the fanfiction world), a plot bunny is:

“An idea for a story (usually used to refer to fanfic) that gnaws at the brain until written.”Urban Dictionary

Now as a long-time fanfiction writer, I’ve had many cases of plot bunnies biting me on the backside and gnawing all the way through my body until I give them some attention. I get ideas from everywhere, from the bathroom to television.

A popular source of plot bunnies is music, whom I shall dub musical bunnies.

Have you ever listened to a song and really related to it?

When I listen to a song and feel my relating bubbling, it’s not usually bubbling up with feelings about me (sometimes it is, but not always). In fact there are probably more times in the last few years where I have though ‘that would make a good story’ than ‘that fits my personality well’.

An example of my most annoying musical bunny is a song called ‘Woman‘ by Delta Goodrem. It’s got a powerful build and lyrics that really speak to me. I first listened to the song in about 2008, the year I bought two copies (a copy from Australia and one from America) of the album it was on, without listening to either for months (I was waiting for the album to come out here – subsequently never did).

I’m not sure why the musical bunnies in ‘Woman’ eat away at me so much, but from day one they’ve screamed at me to write. In fact, most times I listen to it; my first thought is ‘I NEED to write something to this’. Up until now, putting pen to paper has been unsuccessful.

Why are these bunnies being particularly frustrating? Who knows?

Unfortunately, I’ve come across another song that perhaps has as much musical bunny power as ‘Woman‘. It’s a song by Amy Macdonald called ‘Love Love’. There’s something there, something alluring that makes me want to write until I can write no more.

One day I will write something for both of these songs, whether that day is today or not we’re yet to find out.


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