The Loss of Creativity

I’ve spent the majority of the last fortnight in a horrible place where I couldn’t even function with the world properly, let alone function in a suitable way with myself in order to be creative. I cried, a lot. I over-analysed everything and I spent most of my time in a fuzzy daze that I couldn’t even understand.

I shall blame that for my failure to blog because for the most part, I’ve done little by way of my writing/reading resolutions. But that’s okay, it’s one fortnight out of a lifetime, so now I can only write for a maximum of fifty weeks this year, that’s okay too.

Now to look at ways to draw creativity back out of me.


One thought on “The Loss of Creativity

  1. I can relate to this. You might feel alone where you are, but you are not alone. It is a bad place, but it is visited more often and by more people than we realise while we are there.

    You have a good attitude to the time off. This post is the first of the rest of your posts, right 🙂

    Creativity can be elusive. I like Julia Cameron’s idea in her book ‘The Right to Write’ of having an artist date to refill your well of creativity. You can’t expect creativity to come if you are getting stale; the idea is to take yourself somewhere you like and find stimulating. It doesn’t matter where, just somewhere to cheer yourself up.

    The stress of worrying about the future of your charity work won’t be helping either. It is hard to be creative when something bad is happening. You could try writing about that, in private, as an outlet. Writing your feelings, your anger and sorrow. It is great free therapy!

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