Admitting Defeat

On January 1st I set myself a goal: to write and read every single day. My plan wavered somewhere along the journey and whilst I read Twitter every day and news articles, it’s often not the greatest journalism ever and let’s face it, Twitter is full of spelling and grammar errors made not on purpose, but because some people still don’t know the difference between their/there, your/you’re, etc.

Sometime in February I joined the post a day phenomenon on WordPress. That lasted about a week. I was finishing a college course, I had to focus on the backlog of work I had yet to complete.

It’s time to admit defeat. My goal for the year fell down before I even started the post a day, which I fear was some minor attempt at fixing the original issue.

It’s time to start a new goal. For that I will start a new post…so watch this space!


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