5 Good Things (about dinner with the relatives)

I’m currently sat on a sofa at my aunt and uncles watching Britain’s Got Talent (which has NO place on this list), so here goes my good things about this:

1. Feeling ill (well full of a weird cold) I couldn’t be bothered with making myself look majorly presentable, the best thing about seeing these relatives is I could probably turn up in pyjamas with my hair in curlers and they wouldn’t mind.

2. Yummy chicken dinner! My uncle always takes ten years to make food, but it’s usually pretty good.

3. “Is that The Fonz?” “No darling, it’s The Hoff.” My uncle comes out with the randomest things sometimes and tonights random moment was unlike no other. (Maybe you had to be there?!)

4. Cheese and biscuits…and when I say biscuits, I mean Hobnobs.

5. Yering Station Spicy Shiraz Jelly – it’s rather amazing! It tastes even better on hobnobs with goats cheese.

6. I had to do a sixth…this is just too good. My aunt and uncle own an apartment in a very French area of France (not as many English speakers!) and they had to get their boiler fixed. Turns out they accidentally sacked the man doing it because their French was apparently not good enough! Le doh!


5 Bad Things

I’m allowed negative once in a while, so I’m going for it now.

1. I woke up with a bit of a fever, hate being ill.

2. I felt like I was being ignored all day by 99.9% of people.

3. There was nothing on tv so I watched SupernannyUS, an episode I’ve seen 36632476347446 thousand times.

4. The strawberries I had after tea didn’t taste that good.

5. I unfollowed someone on Twitter accidentally and they have protected tweets so it will take time to be following them again.

Back to positive tomorrow.

How will you live this day?

Yesterday I came across a couple of websites with some lovely pictures/positives thoughts, so I decided to look through them and post up some of the most positive thinking thoughts.

1. I found an image of Scrabble in a very positive way, I spent a lot of today playing Scrabble, so it seemed particularly fitting.

2.  Although I am ill, as usual, I’m trying to keep my positive hat on.

3.  This whole post is thanks to Lilmisskaty, who sent me a link to this image. I loved it and it made me decide to do this post. It also really reflects what I’ve been trying to do. Today I woke up feeling unwell, but even in today there are some good things.

4. I thought this seemed like a lovely quote and it’s very true. Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back, not worry too much about life being perfect and things come to you. There’s parts of my life that aren’t quite how I’d hope, so I’m hoping by focusing on the little things in each day, that the rest will eventually fall into place.

5. Finally, I can’t keep all these positives thoughts to myself, so if you’re a little short, here’s some going spare. Take one and smile!

5 Good Things (about a sore foot)

Today I feel particularly lazy and it’s mostly because I’ve done very little walking. I do a lot of walking in an average day; walking to the bus, from the bus to work, from work to lunch, from lunch to work, from work to the bus, from the bus to my house. It’s a lot of walking for someone who has a sore foot, thankfully the people around me have been wonderful.

1. Getting a lift to work from my dad as he was leaving at the same time!

2. At lunchtime I sat at my desk thinking “I want Burger King”, not only was this improbable because it’s on the opposite side of town, but because of my foot it made the option harder. Thankfully my boss came in asking what I was doing for lunch, I suggested Burger King and we went! YUM YUM YUM IN MY TUM!

3. My boss then gave me a lift to the bus station from work, which meant no walking! It seems walking outside for long periods of time is when my foot hurts the most.

4. When I got home I found a card from the Post Office, unfortunately that means my The Mentalist DVDs couldn’t be delivered. But on the upside I know I’ll have them tomorrow and my mother is kindly going to pick them up for me!

5. The second I reached my bedroom I got into pyjamas and climbed into bed. It was only 5pm, but I don’t care. I love lying in bed at night, lazing about. So that is tonight’s plan and I look forward to the rest of it!

I love being lazy and I especially love having a reason to be lazy. What’s your favourite thing about being ill/having sore body parts?

5 Good Things (on a boring day)

Today started out as any other day…I won’t get into details because despite it being boring, there were some good points.

1. I got to stay home instead of going to work (yay, even if it was because walking long distances hurts – well, I walked about 10 metres to the top of my street and that was hard enough).

2. I talked to a friend today who I don’t get to talk to very often any more, which was rather lovely.

3. I avoided the heavy rain (yay! I do feel bad for the postman though who arrived at my house at the same time as the heavy downpour).

4. I had the chance to catch up with my Australian soaps (always a bonus, since I was about 6 episodes behind, 3 for each).

5. I thought I was going to be stuck eating boring frozen food for tea, but my dad is currently shopping where he will buy me some tortilla wraps, chicken, peppers, onions and tomatoes as well as Reggae Reggae sauce. I’m going to enjoy tonight’s tea! I may go for a fun option and FRY IT! I usually put it all in the oven.

Despite effectively having a day off, I found myself really bored. What do you do to keep yourself occupied when you’re bored?

5 Oversized Things in London

I know that my blogs up until now have mostly been random or my 5 Good Things blogs, this one is sort of connected to the 5 Good Things. Over the last two days on my trip to London I have come across many things that have been rather awesome or at least fun to see.

Here are 5 Oversized Things (and again it’s counting down as I prefer to save the best til last):

5. BIG CLOCK! Okay so in realistic terms the clock isn’t *that* big, the numbers could probably be covered by your hand. But I have a HUGE love for clocks with Roman numerals on, not those uber modern ones that are trying to be cool, proper rustic looking clocks. The moment I saw this one my eyes popped out of my head. Plus, it doesn’t say LONDON on it, like many clocks. I refuse to buy one that says London on it. Dear Selfridges, please donate this £157 clock to me…I will love you forever.

Apparently I’ve found myself with 6 items, so I will put the GIANT SHOE in with the BIG CLOCK, mainly because they’re both in Selfridges in London. The colourful bits on this shoe are lights, it was flashing at me as I walked past. I really do love giant versions of every day items, always fun to see (watch out for number 1, it’s a good one).

4. BIG OLYMPIC RINGS! These were not the first thing to amaze me at St Pancras train station, but there are two parts to the other one, so those will be joined in another part. I think from the right angle you would be able to get a photo of the clock-face peering through the middle, black ring. Unfortunately you have to pay to catch a train to somewhere to potentially do that.

3.  WILLIAM AND KATE…yes, that is a statue of the happy couple apparently. VERY BIG. I probably wouldn’t even come up to their knees and I’m only 5’1.

Not only was there an epically sized William and Kate, there was also some amazing sculptures round the bottom of it too. Which is where this chap comes in…I’m a big (get it?) fan of sculptures of the human body, particularly faces and muscles. His ear, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, even those goggles are phenomenal.

2. This one may be lost on many people…but as a child, Playmobil (or Peters, as I used to call them) were my favourite toy in the whole wide world (I still hope to one day receive the Playmobil mansion for Christmas – never did). At seven I was lucky enough to go to Florida, Disney World and there we ended up at a toy shop one evening where outside there were two life sized Playmobil people. I never get over seeing them that big.

1. This one I consider to be a bit special and rather random…some people may have seen this themselves, so it will be less wow, but I was very surprised to see it there, on the side of a building near Carnaby Street.

Yes, that’s right…a GIANT PLUG SOCKET, with PLUG AND CABLE attached. And it’s green. What more could you want? Worth number 1? I think so!!!

5 Good Things (about food!)

Today’s 5 good things aren’t all about food, but I feel like they should be…you’ll see why! I’m going to do a countdown with this one because I want to save the best til last and no way does it deserve to be number 5!

5. I got Vimto for the journey home! That may seem minor and insignificant to many, but what a lot of people don’t realise is London is very lacking in STILL Vimto. Every shop and its brother have fizzy Vimto, even cherry Vimto now. But still Vimto is hard to find, it actually took WHSmiths in Euston a couple of years to get it in, after I started visiting London.

4. Nandos for lunch! It was a bit cold when I got it and had to eat it sat opposite everyone looking at train departure boards, so it wasn’t the most enjoyable Nandos I have had. But it was Nandos (aka CHICKEN!) all the same.

3. Crepes. I know we’re not in France and it’s never going to be quite the same having a crepe in England as having one in France. But that is what I had for breakfast (such a nutritious breakfast – 9am eating a crepe and 11am eating number 1) and the first few mouthfuls were heaven. I seriously didn’t think anything could beat it (but number 1 does a gazillion times over, just saying!), unfortunately it was a case of TOO MUCH. Belgian chocolate and butterscotch, I think the Belgian part of the chocolate is what made it so lethal. Still…

2. Visiting Carnaby Street (the only none food/drink related item, but it is the location of the consumption of number 1, so it’s very important). I’ve only ever been to Carnaby Street once before to go to The Diner (which is also where number 1 was consumed). As a Skins fan there is the appeal that The Diner is where Lily Loveless has been and she even had an interview done inside it, so it’s like number 1 on the Skins tour of London. I would put Brick Lane as number 2 personally. I’m yet to visit there. Anyway, on to the best of the best…

1. CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not just ANY cheesecake. It’s New York style cheesecake (which is my favourite type after eating proper American cheesecake in the US in 2009) and not only is it New York style, but it is THE BEST New York style I have been able to find in this country (why did I have to go all the way to London to discover it? 😦 ). It was found at The Diner. I thought I would go in for a drink, but the place was empty so I felt a little bad…then I saw the cheesecake on the menu and I couldn’t NOT buy it. I have a compulsion that requires me to try every New York cheesecake I find. Most are terrible, or at least moderate. But if you compare every single one of those to THIS…well, as I told Twitter, I died several times over with every bite. The only part of it that was disappointing was the fact that I could not finish it without feeling a little unwell. Too much of an amazing thing is, well, too much!