5 Good Things

I’m going to take a leaf out of LilmissKaty’s book and bring some positive thinking into my life. She suggested I write 3 good things about each day, but I’m going to make it more challenging and go for 5. Mostly because I stopped by Katy’s blog (to get the link) on the way to making this post and there she’s writing lots of lists containing 5 items.

So here I go, this is for yesterday…

  1. My cat Bertie, being the loveable thing that he is. When I didn’t give him attention or allow him to jump onto my lap, he meowed at me. That’s enough to melt my heart several times over.
  2. Writing! I wrote approximately 6000 words yesterday, which is a great achievement really. I normally get lazy.
  3. New techniques (I was going to put this with writing, but I thought it deserved its own positive spot) – I found a new technique in order to write lots of words and quickly. All you have to do is put your editing cap away and focus on writing as many words in 30 minutes as possible. I started with a 500 word limit and ended the day writing over 1000 words every time.
  4. Marmite, a day without Marmite is a sad day entirely and just a week ago I was without it for a whole 24 hours, so really being able to have it frequently again made me happy.
  5. I go to London on Tuesday for the night, so that’s something to look forward to!

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