5 Good Things (23/05/11)

Yesterday’s good things are as follows (and it’s quite hard to pick some out because yesterday was a difficult one):

1. Feeling like a normal person when my boss arrived and we had a chat about our weekends. No matter how down or insular I feel, I always feel perfectly fine when talking to her.
2. Leaving work to light!!!
3. The bright blue sky that emerged from behind the rainclouds…that’s enough to make me feel better!
4. Chatting with Kayla and Tracie, always a pleasure, enjoyable and makes me feel happy. (yay for getting to do both almost every day!)
5. Going to bed knowing that the next night I’ll be climbing into bunkbeds IN LONDON!!!

That’s yesterday’s…look out for today’s later!!! 😀


2 thoughts on “5 Good Things (23/05/11)

    1. You LOVE bunk beds, really? Is that when you’re on the top bunk or bottom? Was so relieved, especially walking in to find the whole room asleep, to be on the bottom bunk!

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