5 Good Things (about food!)

Today’s 5 good things aren’t all about food, but I feel like they should be…you’ll see why! I’m going to do a countdown with this one because I want to save the best til last and no way does it deserve to be number 5!

5. I got Vimto for the journey home! That may seem minor and insignificant to many, but what a lot of people don’t realise is London is very lacking in STILL Vimto. Every shop and its brother have fizzy Vimto, even cherry Vimto now. But still Vimto is hard to find, it actually took WHSmiths in Euston a couple of years to get it in, after I started visiting London.

4. Nandos for lunch! It was a bit cold when I got it and had to eat it sat opposite everyone looking at train departure boards, so it wasn’t the most enjoyable Nandos I have had. But it was Nandos (aka CHICKEN!) all the same.

3. Crepes. I know we’re not in France and it’s never going to be quite the same having a crepe in England as having one in France. But that is what I had for breakfast (such a nutritious breakfast – 9am eating a crepe and 11am eating number 1) and the first few mouthfuls were heaven. I seriously didn’t think anything could beat it (but number 1 does a gazillion times over, just saying!), unfortunately it was a case of TOO MUCH. Belgian chocolate and butterscotch, I think the Belgian part of the chocolate is what made it so lethal. Still…

2. Visiting Carnaby Street (the only none food/drink related item, but it is the location of the consumption of number 1, so it’s very important). I’ve only ever been to Carnaby Street once before to go to The Diner (which is also where number 1 was consumed). As a Skins fan there is the appeal that The Diner is where Lily Loveless has been and she even had an interview done inside it, so it’s like number 1 on the Skins tour of London. I would put Brick Lane as number 2 personally. I’m yet to visit there. Anyway, on to the best of the best…

1. CHEESECAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not just ANY cheesecake. It’s New York style cheesecake (which is my favourite type after eating proper American cheesecake in the US in 2009) and not only is it New York style, but it is THE BEST New York style I have been able to find in this country (why did I have to go all the way to London to discover it? 😦 ). It was found at The Diner. I thought I would go in for a drink, but the place was empty so I felt a little bad…then I saw the cheesecake on the menu and I couldn’t NOT buy it. I have a compulsion that requires me to try every New York cheesecake I find. Most are terrible, or at least moderate. But if you compare every single one of those to THIS…well, as I told Twitter, I died several times over with every bite. The only part of it that was disappointing was the fact that I could not finish it without feeling a little unwell. Too much of an amazing thing is, well, too much!


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