5 Oversized Things in London

I know that my blogs up until now have mostly been random or my 5 Good Things blogs, this one is sort of connected to the 5 Good Things. Over the last two days on my trip to London I have come across many things that have been rather awesome or at least fun to see.

Here are 5 Oversized Things (and again it’s counting down as I prefer to save the best til last):

5. BIG CLOCK! Okay so in realistic terms the clock isn’t *that* big, the numbers could probably be covered by your hand. But I have a HUGE love for clocks with Roman numerals on, not those uber modern ones that are trying to be cool, proper rustic looking clocks. The moment I saw this one my eyes popped out of my head. Plus, it doesn’t say LONDON on it, like many clocks. I refuse to buy one that says London on it. Dear Selfridges, please donate this £157 clock to me…I will love you forever.

Apparently I’ve found myself with 6 items, so I will put the GIANT SHOE in with the BIG CLOCK, mainly because they’re both in Selfridges in London. The colourful bits on this shoe are lights, it was flashing at me as I walked past. I really do love giant versions of every day items, always fun to see (watch out for number 1, it’s a good one).

4. BIG OLYMPIC RINGS! These were not the first thing to amaze me at St Pancras train station, but there are two parts to the other one, so those will be joined in another part. I think from the right angle you would be able to get a photo of the clock-face peering through the middle, black ring. Unfortunately you have to pay to catch a train to somewhere to potentially do that.

3.  WILLIAM AND KATE…yes, that is a statue of the happy couple apparently. VERY BIG. I probably wouldn’t even come up to their knees and I’m only 5’1.

Not only was there an epically sized William and Kate, there was also some amazing sculptures round the bottom of it too. Which is where this chap comes in…I’m a big (get it?) fan of sculptures of the human body, particularly faces and muscles. His ear, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, even those goggles are phenomenal.

2. This one may be lost on many people…but as a child, Playmobil (or Peters, as I used to call them) were my favourite toy in the whole wide world (I still hope to one day receive the Playmobil mansion for Christmas – never did). At seven I was lucky enough to go to Florida, Disney World and there we ended up at a toy shop one evening where outside there were two life sized Playmobil people. I never get over seeing them that big.

1. This one I consider to be a bit special and rather random…some people may have seen this themselves, so it will be less wow, but I was very surprised to see it there, on the side of a building near Carnaby Street.

Yes, that’s right…a GIANT PLUG SOCKET, with PLUG AND CABLE attached. And it’s green. What more could you want? Worth number 1? I think so!!!


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