5 Good Things (on a boring day)

Today started out as any other day…I won’t get into details because despite it being boring, there were some good points.

1. I got to stay home instead of going to work (yay, even if it was because walking long distances hurts – well, I walked about 10 metres to the top of my street and that was hard enough).

2. I talked to a friend today who I don’t get to talk to very often any more, which was rather lovely.

3. I avoided the heavy rain (yay! I do feel bad for the postman though who arrived at my house at the same time as the heavy downpour).

4. I had the chance to catch up with my Australian soaps (always a bonus, since I was about 6 episodes behind, 3 for each).

5. I thought I was going to be stuck eating boring frozen food for tea, but my dad is currently shopping where he will buy me some tortilla wraps, chicken, peppers, onions and tomatoes as well as Reggae Reggae sauce. I’m going to enjoy tonight’s tea! I may go for a fun option and FRY IT! I usually put it all in the oven.

Despite effectively having a day off, I found myself really bored. What do you do to keep yourself occupied when you’re bored?


One thought on “5 Good Things (on a boring day)

  1. Hurrah for happy thoughts!!

    I find ‘boredom’ really hard to define. I have lots of things I enjoy doing but sometimes find when I get into that bored frame of mind I don’t want to do ANYTHING! I get sick of having the tv on, don’t want to scrap or play games or read, and then guilt trip myself for being a lazy so and so and not doing anything. It’s a pickle! But if you’re looking for a list of activities which keep me occupied then scrapbooking, keeping my diary up to date and catching up on those Australian (just the one for me really) soaps all feature!

    (“,) xxx

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