5 Good Things (about a sore foot)

Today I feel particularly lazy and it’s mostly because I’ve done very little walking. I do a lot of walking in an average day; walking to the bus, from the bus to work, from work to lunch, from lunch to work, from work to the bus, from the bus to my house. It’s a lot of walking for someone who has a sore foot, thankfully the people around me have been wonderful.

1. Getting a lift to work from my dad as he was leaving at the same time!

2. At lunchtime I sat at my desk thinking “I want Burger King”, not only was this improbable because it’s on the opposite side of town, but because of my foot it made the option harder. Thankfully my boss came in asking what I was doing for lunch, I suggested Burger King and we went! YUM YUM YUM IN MY TUM!

3. My boss then gave me a lift to the bus station from work, which meant no walking! It seems walking outside for long periods of time is when my foot hurts the most.

4. When I got home I found a card from the Post Office, unfortunately that means my The Mentalist DVDs couldn’t be delivered. But on the upside I know I’ll have them tomorrow and my mother is kindly going to pick them up for me!

5. The second I reached my bedroom I got into pyjamas and climbed into bed. It was only 5pm, but I don’t care. I love lying in bed at night, lazing about. So that is tonight’s plan and I look forward to the rest of it!

I love being lazy and I especially love having a reason to be lazy. What’s your favourite thing about being ill/having sore body parts?


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