5 Good Things (about dinner with the relatives)

I’m currently sat on a sofa at my aunt and uncles watching Britain’s Got Talent (which has NO place on this list), so here goes my good things about this:

1. Feeling ill (well full of a weird cold) I couldn’t be bothered with making myself look majorly presentable, the best thing about seeing these relatives is I could probably turn up in pyjamas with my hair in curlers and they wouldn’t mind.

2. Yummy chicken dinner! My uncle always takes ten years to make food, but it’s usually pretty good.

3. “Is that The Fonz?” “No darling, it’s The Hoff.” My uncle comes out with the randomest things sometimes and tonights random moment was unlike no other. (Maybe you had to be there?!)

4. Cheese and biscuits…and when I say biscuits, I mean Hobnobs.

5. Yering Station Spicy Shiraz Jelly – it’s rather amazing! It tastes even better on hobnobs with goats cheese.

6. I had to do a sixth…this is just too good. My aunt and uncle own an apartment in a very French area of France (not as many English speakers!) and they had to get their boiler fixed. Turns out they accidentally sacked the man doing it because their French was apparently not good enough! Le doh!


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