Summer Randomness Week One – Dorset: Day One

Today I sat in a car for five hours. What fun.

It was fun actually. I read a book called ‘Much Ado About English’ (by Richard Watson Todd) which is basically about the fascinating elements of the English language. From illogicities to peculiarities and language play. Each and every page was filled with more and more weird and wonderful facts.

For example, did you know that in Old English the original plural for cow was kine?! Did you see the kine in that field? Doesn’t quite sound the same as Did you see the cows in that field? now does it?!

We stopped off at Burger King at a services called Michaelwood, which always reminds me of Michael Underwood. Random fact there.

We finally arrived in a little village about 3 miles away from Lyme Regis. It’s lovely, the weather was glorious and we’re a short walk from everything we need; butchers, bakers (candlestick makers? not so much, but the other two are good!) local shop, cafe, takeaway, pubs, hairdressers, beach, beach cafe, fossil shops…it’s all here!

After a trip down to the beach where we sat under the sun’s rays and walked along the pebble filled (not so) sandy beach where two idiots ignored the instruction not to mess with the cliff face due to landslides that had occurred (and so coastal paths have been closed in the area!). Who climbs up a cliff face that looks crumbly? Seriously now?!

Back at the holiday cottage we sat around and relaxed for an hour or so before we hopped into the car and set off out to Lyme Regis for our evening meal. I must say, it was the randomest evening meal I’ve ever had. Not only were we one of only 5 tables in a tiny room on the edge of a takeaway shop (which is also a restaurant apparently) but the waitress was gorgeous (lovely blonde hair tied up on top of her head and dark rimmed glasses) and their version of a ‘small’ pizza was half a large one…and when I say half, I do mean HALF not half sized. Who sells pizzas in halves? I think it’s a fantastic idea and more places should do it.

We then took a stroll around Lyme Regis from the sandy beach in the centre to the less sandy beach towards the West of the town. It was a lovely warm evening where we needed little more than a thin jacket. Halfway through our journey we stopped at some Amusements to play the 2p machines. I also had a go at the horses, but it was a crap modern version that’s almost impossible to win. I prefer the age old ones where you actually have a chance (and I have won at least £5 over the years on them).

Arriving back at the cottage with chocolate, we sat down to watch The Mentalist, as there was nothing on and I had so kindly brought my DVD box set with me. I didn’t pay as much attention to it as I perhaps should have but I did only watch it a few weeks ago. I was busy stitching instead, I had a mini cross stitch I wanted to finish.

Now I’m uploading a few photos to share with you. Goodnight 🙂

(P.S. It would seem uploading photos is a big no, my internet connection is like a snail. I could send them by Royal Mail quicker. So I’ll save them all for a big photo spam at the end of the holiday. Look out for photos of Lyme Regis, 2p machines and half pizzas.)


5 Good Things

It’s been a few days since I blogged, but that’s okay. I mostly set up the 5 good things a day to find positives in every day because of the difficult times I seem to have come across. I’ve had quite a few good days, so it wasn’t as important.


Here’s 5 good things:


1. Finding out that my friend, who went into hospital for surgery, is doing okay. The surgery went well, which is always good to know. I really hope she has a speedy recovery.


2. My boss went for her 20 week scan which is really awesome, she said that all is well, so that’s fantastic. Ever since she told me I’ve just been so happy for her.


3. Strawberries! It would seem that Marks and Spencers have had half price strawberries for more than a week now, I bought my second lot today. £4.50 for two punnets of strawberries and a pot of cream. Not bad considering full priced strawberries are usually at least £2.50, probably closer to £3. Marks and Spencers strawberries are also better than the average strawberry in my opinion, so definitely worth it.


4. Watching films – I keep doing it. I’ve seen loads of films in the last week, as you’ve seen. I watched The Blind Side last night which was fantastic, Sandra Bullock really deserved her Oscar. I’m now watching The Last Kiss, which I don’t rate much. There seems to be a theme of adultery and marriage breakdown. I don’t watch films to witness the things that annoy me in life, ahh well. I won’t stop because I need to watch the whole thing now I’ve started.


5. THE SUN! I was very impressed with the sunshine today. Walking home from work was wonderful, especially since I walked through the park opposite wor.

5 Films I’ve Watched

I’ve spent many days this last week watching films. I blogged about a couple of them but I watched even more, probably more than five.

1. Room in Rome
Such a wonderful film, for a foreign film. I get less interested in films that contain other languages for some reason, I guess cause I prefer not reading subtitles. But it wasn’t so bad. A lovely story of two woman exploring each others world, all from one room. Very clever if you ask me!

2. Elena Undone
A beautiful, romantic story about a woman who is married to a pastor, one who is very big on anti-gay. She meets a writer, who just happens to be gay. Obviously there’s some issue there. It’s lovely, worth watching.

3. The Beautician and the Beast
One of the funniest films I’ve ever seen. I was expecting it to be rubbish and cheaply made but it really surprised me. The main character is just wonderful and she came out with so many one liners. Definitely watch this film, seek it out and laugh the night away.

4. Full Of It
Random. But also entertaining. It’s about a teenager who starts a new school. He’s your typical small guy who loves maths, he’s not going to be popular instantly. So he lies, he makes things up and somehow they cone true. It’s kind of funny and worth a watch if it’s ever on tv/you end up with a copy. I wouldn’t exactly go out of my way to buy it personally.

5. The Bucket List
I have many issues with this film, which I wasn’t expecting. I expected it to be wonderful and amazing with no issues at all. For the most part it was, it just annoyed me a little too. Worth a watch though, just to see it and experience it. Amazing acting, as to be expected!

Review: Wild Tigers I Have Known

I also watched a film called Wild Tigers I Have Known which was a little weird and unusual, but also rather interesting.


Synopsis (also from LoveFilm):

A lyrical telling of the coming of age of a 13-year-old boy who learns to cope with his newfound sexuality and his unrequited love for the cool kid in school.


Again, if you want to watch this without knowing anything about it, look away now.

I was rather confused about this film for, well, most of the film. It’s one of those films with very little background music which I find quite weird to watch, there’s an awkward feeling about them for me.


I thought it was going to be a clear cut, young boy realises he’s gay and has a crush on someone at school, type storyline, but it wasn’t. He might not even be gay. He did like to wear make up and even wore a wig at one point. So there’s obviously some gender confusion going on as well as confusion over whether he likes boys or not. Everyone at school has, of course, picked up on his less than straight vibes.


The weirdest part of this story for me was the mountain lions, they sometimes came on the school campus and near the end one appeared. It was rather odd.


There was a great secondary character in the boys sort of friend, who he ends up tricking into coming to a cave (where the mountain lions are supposed to live, but don’t) by posing as a girl on the phone. The lad comes to the cave hoping to have sex with her, but she turns out to be Logan, who (bless him) had the courage to say he could have sex with him.


I think it’s quite a poignant film that really highlights the struggle people come up against when they’re confused about their sexuality and gender. Add to that the implications of the school knowing something is up. He’s only young after all.


I’m not sure I would necessarily recommend the film, but if you like those slightly odd, artsy films, or films with a lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans theme maybe you’d like this.


Review: Gray Matters

I’ve spent today watching films and the first film is called Gray Matters. From the disc it looked like a typical romantic comedy starring Heather Graham. As it turned out, there was so much more to it.


An official synopsis for it (thanks to LoveFilm):

Gray (Heather Graham) and Sam (Thomas Cavanagh) are inseparable. They live together, take ballroom dancing classes, and jog in the park together. They’d make a very attractive couple were it not for the fact that they’re brother and sister. In a bright and beautiful version of Manhattan, where every day appears to be kissed with spring sunshine, Gray keeps herself busy hanging with Sam, working for an advertising agency, and attending kooky sessions with her flaky therapist, Sydney (Sissy Spacek). All is well, until brother Sam up and falls in love with the gorgeous zoologist, Charlie (Bridget Moynahan). Gray is happy for him, but panicked about how it will affect their relationship–particularly after Sam announces that he and Charlie are getting married. Gray does her best to cope and be supportive, but things take an unexpected turn when she suddenly finds herself sharing a drunken, passionate kiss with Charlie the night before the wedding. The next day, Charlie doesn’t even recall their embrace. But the kiss has opened up a whole new world for Gray. GRAY MATTERS is an ultra-light look at homosexuality and the challenges of coming out late in life. Graham’s cutely neurotic Gray comes off as a sort of lesbian Lucille Ball–silly, and without much substance. However, it is perhaps a positive sign for the gay rights movement that they now even have their own powder-puff rom-coms–the kind that seem ready-made for teen slumber parties. Alan Cumming and Molly Shannon lend a bit of comedic spark with their turns as Gray’s supportive, outspoken pals.


If you plan on watching the film and don’t want to know anything about it aside from the basic summary, then look away now.

I really loved the sound of this film from the beginning. I hadn’t read the synopsis properly so I wasn’t expecting Gray and Charlie to kiss. I did, however, feel that there was definite chemistry between them when they first met. I was kind of disappointed that Charlie was marrying Sam because I wanted Charlie and Gray to get together, even more so after their kiss! I was most disappointed with the fact that what I thought would be a love story about Gray and Charlie, ended instead with Gray accepting her sexuality and agreeing to a date with a woman from work.


Overall, I found the whole coming out/coming to terms with your sexuality as an adult storyline rather compelling because there’s so not always a lot out there about it. In soaps and TV dramas it’s so often the adults or at least late-teens discovering their sexuality. In reality though, many people don’t accept/discover their sexuality until later in life. I enjoyed the majority of the film, but I was a little disappointed that Gray/Charlie didn’t become something more than sisters-in-law.


Worth a watch!


5 things of Domesticity and Goodness

The last couple of days I’ve been quite busy, spending time with a friend and my usual computery routines (well, a little amended).

1. The Lake District – on Saturday I went to the Lakes with my friend Hannah. It was a spur of the moment trip but it was rather lovely to do. The weather was beautiful (as my face now proves!) and we didn’t really do much, but it was just lovely catching up and spending time with a friend.

2. The Postmistress – I finally got to read some more of my book. I’m weird, in that I don’t read much at home, I read better on public transport so I got plenty of time on my train journey to do so. I’m really enjoying this book.

3. BUTTON BISCUITS! I originally saw these biscuits on and I thought I would give it a go. Mine don’t look quite as awesome as the ones on there, but I did add an additional twist of Strawberry Laces to make some of the buttons look like they had thread on them!

4. My PJ bottoms – I made these myself, using my sewing machine and the AWESOME fabric I picked up. They may not be perfect, but for a first attempt at clothing they’re not half bad!

5. The Mentalist Series Finale – I could talk about this forever and still not say very much. The episode isn’t on channel 5 in the UK, until Friday. But I downloaded it because it’s apparently best to watch the two-parter in one go. I was watching it with my Mentalist-loving friend Tracie and it was so wonderful to do that. After the episode we both could barely speak and I filled a whole notepad with notes – most pages ended up with NO and OMFG written on a page alone. I got so shocked at one point that I had O, M, F and G on separate pages. I think it was the greatest finale I have EVER seen. So amazing and full of such wonderful twists and turns. I was gobsmacked for the majority of it and I don’t know if I have ever seen anything that good before. I recently watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and well, The Mentalist finale wiped the floor, windows and doors with that film.

Some goodness from the last couple of days!

1. Although it’s not easy having a break from Twitter, I feel okay, so that’s good.


2. PINTEREST! I officially love that website because it’s like tumblr, but without any of the teenageryness. Just pictures and people sharing them. Thanks to Katy for helping me get on there.


3. Spending an evening out with family, which involved eating chicken. Spending an afternoon out with people my age (even if I was technically getting paid to do it).


4. Making tea for me and my parents.


5. SEWING! I now have space for my sewing machine in my bedroom, which means I can have it set up all the time. I realised I had some stray pins yesterday so I made a pincushion (albeit a VERY BADLY MADE one).


Today I bought some new fabric which I will be using to make a pair of pyjama bottoms. Wonderful new fabric:


I have also sewed myself a cover for my sewing machine as I had a cheap plastic one that came with the machine. Here it is: