Some goodness from the last couple of days!

1. Although it’s not easy having a break from Twitter, I feel okay, so that’s good.


2. PINTEREST! I officially love that website because it’s like tumblr, but without any of the teenageryness. Just pictures and people sharing them. Thanks to Katy for helping me get on there.


3. Spending an evening out with family, which involved eating chicken. Spending an afternoon out with people my age (even if I was technically getting paid to do it).


4. Making tea for me and my parents.


5. SEWING! I now have space for my sewing machine in my bedroom, which means I can have it set up all the time. I realised I had some stray pins yesterday so I made a pincushion (albeit a VERY BADLY MADE one).


Today I bought some new fabric which I will be using to make a pair of pyjama bottoms. Wonderful new fabric:


I have also sewed myself a cover for my sewing machine as I had a cheap plastic one that came with the machine. Here it is:



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