5 Films I’ve Watched

I’ve spent many days this last week watching films. I blogged about a couple of them but I watched even more, probably more than five.

1. Room in Rome
Such a wonderful film, for a foreign film. I get less interested in films that contain other languages for some reason, I guess cause I prefer not reading subtitles. But it wasn’t so bad. A lovely story of two woman exploring each others world, all from one room. Very clever if you ask me!

2. Elena Undone
A beautiful, romantic story about a woman who is married to a pastor, one who is very big on anti-gay. She meets a writer, who just happens to be gay. Obviously there’s some issue there. It’s lovely, worth watching.

3. The Beautician and the Beast
One of the funniest films I’ve ever seen. I was expecting it to be rubbish and cheaply made but it really surprised me. The main character is just wonderful and she came out with so many one liners. Definitely watch this film, seek it out and laugh the night away.

4. Full Of It
Random. But also entertaining. It’s about a teenager who starts a new school. He’s your typical small guy who loves maths, he’s not going to be popular instantly. So he lies, he makes things up and somehow they cone true. It’s kind of funny and worth a watch if it’s ever on tv/you end up with a copy. I wouldn’t exactly go out of my way to buy it personally.

5. The Bucket List
I have many issues with this film, which I wasn’t expecting. I expected it to be wonderful and amazing with no issues at all. For the most part it was, it just annoyed me a little too. Worth a watch though, just to see it and experience it. Amazing acting, as to be expected!


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