5 Good Things

It’s been a few days since I blogged, but that’s okay. I mostly set up the 5 good things a day to find positives in every day because of the difficult times I seem to have come across. I’ve had quite a few good days, so it wasn’t as important.


Here’s 5 good things:


1. Finding out that my friend, who went into hospital for surgery, is doing okay. The surgery went well, which is always good to know. I really hope she has a speedy recovery.


2. My boss went for her 20 week scan which is really awesome, she said that all is well, so that’s fantastic. Ever since she told me I’ve just been so happy for her.


3. Strawberries! It would seem that Marks and Spencers have had half price strawberries for more than a week now, I bought my second lot today. £4.50 for two punnets of strawberries and a pot of cream. Not bad considering full priced strawberries are usually at least £2.50, probably closer to £3. Marks and Spencers strawberries are also better than the average strawberry in my opinion, so definitely worth it.


4. Watching films – I keep doing it. I’ve seen loads of films in the last week, as you’ve seen. I watched The Blind Side last night which was fantastic, Sandra Bullock really deserved her Oscar. I’m now watching The Last Kiss, which I don’t rate much. There seems to be a theme of adultery and marriage breakdown. I don’t watch films to witness the things that annoy me in life, ahh well. I won’t stop because I need to watch the whole thing now I’ve started.


5. THE SUN! I was very impressed with the sunshine today. Walking home from work was wonderful, especially since I walked through the park opposite wor.


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