Summer Randomness Week One – Dorset: Day One

Today I sat in a car for five hours. What fun.

It was fun actually. I read a book called ‘Much Ado About English’ (by Richard Watson Todd) which is basically about the fascinating elements of the English language. From illogicities to peculiarities and language play. Each and every page was filled with more and more weird and wonderful facts.

For example, did you know that in Old English the original plural for cow was kine?! Did you see the kine in that field? Doesn’t quite sound the same as Did you see the cows in that field? now does it?!

We stopped off at Burger King at a services called Michaelwood, which always reminds me of Michael Underwood. Random fact there.

We finally arrived in a little village about 3 miles away from Lyme Regis. It’s lovely, the weather was glorious and we’re a short walk from everything we need; butchers, bakers (candlestick makers? not so much, but the other two are good!) local shop, cafe, takeaway, pubs, hairdressers, beach, beach cafe, fossil shops…it’s all here!

After a trip down to the beach where we sat under the sun’s rays and walked along the pebble filled (not so) sandy beach where two idiots ignored the instruction not to mess with the cliff face due to landslides that had occurred (and so coastal paths have been closed in the area!). Who climbs up a cliff face that looks crumbly? Seriously now?!

Back at the holiday cottage we sat around and relaxed for an hour or so before we hopped into the car and set off out to Lyme Regis for our evening meal. I must say, it was the randomest evening meal I’ve ever had. Not only were we one of only 5 tables in a tiny room on the edge of a takeaway shop (which is also a restaurant apparently) but the waitress was gorgeous (lovely blonde hair tied up on top of her head and dark rimmed glasses) and their version of a ‘small’ pizza was half a large one…and when I say half, I do mean HALF not half sized. Who sells pizzas in halves? I think it’s a fantastic idea and more places should do it.

We then took a stroll around Lyme Regis from the sandy beach in the centre to the less sandy beach towards the West of the town. It was a lovely warm evening where we needed little more than a thin jacket. Halfway through our journey we stopped at some Amusements to play the 2p machines. I also had a go at the horses, but it was a crap modern version that’s almost impossible to win. I prefer the age old ones where you actually have a chance (and I have won at least £5 over the years on them).

Arriving back at the cottage with chocolate, we sat down to watch The Mentalist, as there was nothing on and I had so kindly brought my DVD box set with me. I didn’t pay as much attention to it as I perhaps should have but I did only watch it a few weeks ago. I was busy stitching instead, I had a mini cross stitch I wanted to finish.

Now I’m uploading a few photos to share with you. Goodnight 🙂

(P.S. It would seem uploading photos is a big no, my internet connection is like a snail. I could send them by Royal Mail quicker. So I’ll save them all for a big photo spam at the end of the holiday. Look out for photos of Lyme Regis, 2p machines and half pizzas.)


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