Fictional Pain

I love reading and writing.

I love words.

I love angst in stories and the issues that come with all that.

I love when people complain about my stories being too angst-ridden because it makes me feel powerful.

I love the power of the author to do what they want with their characters.

I fully support doing things the readers may not be happy with.

I do not support this.

This is where we stand, eight years after the first book in this series was released (or at least eight years after I was given a copy of it) the author released an additional book. I didn’t expect it though I had wondered if we would ever get another.

The books had been very significant to me, emotionally, they had been a massive part of my world for so long.

Despite supporting all of the rights of the author. I really still cannot support an author killing one of their main (and most loved) characters in a book that, in my opinion, is written to give something back to the fans who want to know what happens next.

How could an author be so heartless?

How can an author be so selfish to make the character so selfish?

I hope the second half of this book brings about some major changes that repair some of the damage that has been done because if it doesn’t, well, it’s like having a significant part of your growing up become insignificant and pointless.

There is an author out there who I am so close to never forgiving.


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