I’ve found myself with a conflict right now that is frustrating me, if anyone has any thoughts, feel free to share them.


Two weeks away I worked with this lovely woman who was teaching a group of young people how to coach primary school children. The two days we did with her were amazing, she was so motivational and really managed to capture the attention of what was, quite frankly, a difficult group to control.


Now, I’m doing the same thing with a new group except someone else is working with the sports group. The young people weren’t teaching primary school children, they had to teach asylum seekers instead – of which only two turned up. That itself is surely an issue, then there’s the problem of the asylum seekers not speaking very good English, etc.


The feedback given tonight was that the woman teaching the young people how to coach didn’t do a very good job at it. Something VERY different to what I thought about her work.


Of course I respect that everyone has different opinions and such, but to sit in a meeting and have three our of nine or ten people mock the work of someone I found to be fantastic was really difficult.


I tried to explain that in the week I worked with her it was different, that they worked with primary school children but I got a sort of “are you insane? this woman is rubbish” sort of look from one of the people.


I spoke to another staff member who suggested I talk to the team leader (who was one of those who mocked her) about it, but I don’t know. I feel uncomfortable due to the fact that she’s so strong in her perception that the coaching woman is rubbish. But at the end of the day she kind of discredited my experience working with her based on one day working alongside her. Not that three is many more, but I got to know her in that time and I really made an effort to talk to her.


The team leader is also asking the two members of staff who were also mocking her to give her some written feedback which she can pass on to the guy in charge of the whole project.


That’s fair enough, feedback is understandable.


But now it’s making me want to send feedback too, of the positive variety, due to my fantastic experience working with her.


Would it be wrong of me to do this? Should I speak to the team leader? Should I maybe speak to someone else about it who isn’t involved? I will probably be meeting one other staff member tomorrow who is further up the ladder but not quiet as far up as the guy I would be emailing feedback to. I don’t know. I feel like if I speak to her, then maybe she’ll think “well why didn’t you speak to your team leader about this?”. I’m so confused and don’t quite know how best to approach this.


One thought on “Conflicts

  1. Good feedback is always nice to hear, especially from a colleague. I’m not sure about speaking to higher authorities, bit confused by your options, but I think telling the person in question will both make you and her feel better. And thats always a good thing!

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