Just another manic Monday (and Saturday and Sunday)

I started a 3 day course today around leadership and being more employable. It was interesting. I met some new people, who generally seemed nice, even though some of them didn’t really bother to walk up to the bus stop with me. Anyway, nothing I can do about that. Sometimes people suck. It was a good day generally. We had two amazing speakers, both very charismatic people with a lot of knowledge and ambition. Very different from each other really, but the kind of people you could sit listening to for hours and hours. Unfortunately the second speaker was cut short with his story about the digital company he was works for. I was rather disappointed about that.


Over the weekend I began the Real Challenge Action days for The Challenge, what a weekend it has been. In very few places do you get the opportunity to work directly with young people on amazing projects that they themselves have designed. It’s amazing really.


Saturday I was with my ‘difficult’ group, in that they were very close to the other mentor in our group. They also struggled with working together as a team and taking ownership of their projects. Thankfully Saturday was our sponsored walk, which went quite well. A ten mile walk around Preston is just what you need for a Saturday…blisters are not. Though I didn’t actually get a blister properly until Sunday, when it decided to inflame the moment I sat down after a long day painting with my less difficult group. Each group had their challenges, but very different challenges. I love my second group, we bonded really well, then again I did learn from mistakes of the two groups prior to them. I guess that would have been beneficial really.


It’s back to work tomorrow (my non-Challenge work, since I technically have two part-time, temporary jobs) which should be interesting. We’re very low on cash and have been doing almost everything possible to find funding to help support the service for another year. They did a day in Bolton with the ex-England rugby player Ben Cohen on Saturday (which of course I couldn’t go to, damn sponsored blister your feet by walking along pavements in built up areas with young people) which apparently went really well, so well that they got a bulletin on Granada Tonight, Sky Sports and for the first time in probably forever, we got an element of the story on the FRONT PAGE of the local newspaper. That’s difficult to do! Especially since the front page was mostly filled with photos of the twin towers with a story about 9/11. I can’t wait to find out more about Saturday’s event tomorrow.


For now, I shall get a much needed early night. Early start on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday is enough to make me want to go to work a little later tomorrow so I can have a lie in. Yay flexi-time.


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