Happiness? Here’s some good things…

Not exactly been the happiest of days, so here’s some positives to focus on:


– Omigod You Guys (from Legally Blonde the Musical) which I love listening to and makes me feel really hyper and happy, of course I listened to it today.


– Spending the day attempting to upload videos to a computer, even though all my attempts failed, it was still enjoyable to try.


– Having a lie in! Since I’ve been so busy lately I’ve not had a proper lie in for a while and I didn’t get one today, but my alarm going off at 9 was much better than the 6.30/7.00 of the days before.


– Being able to write a drabble, the game of drabble tag on Paint-It-Red.com is a little slower than I would have liked because it relies on someone else writing a drabble before I can do another one. Frustrating at times, so enjoyable when I can finally write one.


– Uploading pictures of Sunday’s painting and playing in a multi-sensory room escapade, yay for working with young people doing something amazing. It makes me want to be able to set up some project where young people can get involved in volunteering like this.


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