What purpose is a name if the name does not fit what it is?

What purpose is a name if the name does not fit what it is? There are probably many examples in the English language of words that don’t really describe what they’re supposed to. What made someone name a piece of building machinery the same as a type of bird (crane)? And why is a long, thin piece of potato called a chip (though I think we can all guess why they’re known as fries)?

Today I bring to you the word/month of October.

Many items/objects/creatures have brought us Octo, which I think most of us probably now know to mean eight. Octagon (eight sided shape), octopus (eight legged sea creature), October…wait a minute…it’s not the eighth month, it’s the tenth month. So why is it called October? Wouldn’t Decber be more fitting? Then again, we have December. Decagon being a ten sided shape, so Dec must be related in some way to the number ten.

So I decided to do a little research because let’s face it, October and Octo don’t really fit anymore and I’m not sure December and Dec do either.

It would seem that October was actually the eighth month on the Roman calendar and from the information I found, January and February didn’t actually used to exist (what month would I be born in then if January wasn’t around?), that would mean that December was once the tenth month.

With this newfound information I feel like I should be writing the date as Octo/Dec/2011, how fascinating.

Another piece of interesting information is that the 10th October is actually Taiwan’s National Day, so Happy National Day Taiwan and also a Happy Columbus Day to the United States. It’s also Canada’s Thanksgiving day, Happy Thanksgiving Canada. What a day caked in history and intrigue.

This blog may have appeared quite random compared to my past blog posts, but today marks the first day of a new writing challenge I am participating in with the two Katys (lilmisskaty and Katy’s blog will be coming soon). Our aim is to blog daily and we’re each going to choose a theme that we will all write. After some brief discussion we decided that October would be our theme for today.


2 thoughts on “What purpose is a name if the name does not fit what it is?

  1. Decber, haha! I didn’t know about all the national days, thanks for that. As for when you’d have been born, apparently it was all done by lunar cycles, which surely would mean the dates changed everytime?! Some years your birthday would be in one month and others a different month, or am I totally confused? Who knows!

  2. I started to write Decber, then I realised December and it all escalated from there. Haha. I got that information from Wikipedia no doubt, found it rather interesting.

    That is an odd piece of information, but would make sense. I guess it doesn’t make sense having a changing birthday as you’d have to figure out which day was your birthday every year.

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