Many Happy Returns of the Day

Which day exactly? I’ve had twenty-four birthdays up until now and each one has been different from the one before. I don’t really remember much about my earlier birthdays or even if there was anything significant to remember about them. I have photographs of a party when I was in primary school where I had a green frog that I kept putting on my shoulders. I mostly invited people from my class and I also invited a boy called David Wall (my first “boyfriend”) but I think most of my memories come from the photograph and not the day itself.

I guess you could say I didn’t have any memorable birthdays.

I do remember the later birthdays of my teenager years – going to see ‘Spice World the Movie’ at the cinema and having to sit right at the front because it was sooo busy which made our necks ache (why do they have seats there when they’re not good for anyone to sit on?). Then my friends stayed over at my house. That was probably my last primary school birthday with those friends.

After that I remember going ice skating (I fell over and hurt my knee, woke up the next day on my actual birthday and could barely walk), standard meals, there really wasn’t anything too significant.

I didn’t even do anything majorly ‘important’ for my sixteenth, eighteenth or twenty-first. Unless you count a trip to Barcelona a few months later than my actual twenty-first birthday, that was an enjoyable occasion.

I guess my most memorable birthday would be my eighteenth.

At the time I was heavily involved on Delta Goodrem’s (the singer/songwriter/pianist/actress) Official Forum, which was a large part of my life from being about sixteen to twenty-one or so. In the November before my birthday we had a meet up where a few of us in the area all met and enjoyed a day talking about Delta and seeing each other in person.

The next meet up we had just happened to be on my birthday. I got a card from a couple of the girls, one of which wrote on hers “to the coolest adult I know” because being a few years younger than me I guess it would have been quite cool to know someone who was eighteen. I think she turned fifteen the day after.

The most memorable part of the day was not bowling, or laser quest, or whatever it actually was we did (I can barely remember), the most memorable part was when my friend Toni rang up from London. She was also a Delta forumer and whilst we were having our meet up in Manchester, there were a group of them down in London meeting up outside the studios of T4. It just happened to be around the time that Delta was doing some promotional work. Toni had met Delta on several occasions and through her I’d spoken to Delta on the phone once.

It happened again that day. We went outside when the phone call came in, everyone was really nervous and going crazy (as you do when your favourite person is anywhere near you). I remember putting it on loud speaker and we listened to her speaking. It was too crazy for us all to speak to her at once, but I remember Claire (the girl who thought I was a cool adult) screaming. I also remember Delta Goodrem wishing me a Happy Birthday; she also wished Claire a Happy Birthday, though she called her Suzie. Claire really didn’t care (she was in too much of a state, haha)!

That was a good day. It was a happy day.

I ended the day going to the Bear Factory (which was taken over by the Build-a-bear Workshop) and buying a bear, who I named Delta Bear. She’ll always be special to me. She represents that day, that moment of happiness when Delta wished me Happy Birthday. It was wonderful.

Here is Delta Bear herself (though taken after I’d bought her a pretty dress):

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4 thoughts on “Many Happy Returns of the Day

  1. Aw Peg I love this!! And how cool is Delta Bear!? Her dress is lush! I’ve only been to Build A Bear once but it was a very fun day, haha!! Goes to show that that old saying ‘we do not remember days, we remember moments’ is more true than we give it credit for hey. What an awesome moment for a birthday 🙂

  2. Definitely, methinks. I’m more likely to remember something I did. For example, I remember getting hit in the mouth by a frisbee on some family day at my grandparents, I do not remember wearing a lime green t-shirt and a black hat with white polka dots that actually belonged to my grandma.

    Delta Bear is one pretty bear I must say and yes, her dress choice was a wonderful one. I do prefer shopping for bears than myself. 😛 Hahahaha.

  3. That sounds very cool. I used to be a tiny fan of Delta Goodrem, I love her voice and her songs were pleasantly soreful. Ah~

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