I walked under a bus, got hit by a train…

On Tuesday I travelled in four different forms of transport.

I got a lift to the town centre in my mum’s car, I got the train to Manchester, I travelled across the city centre on a tram and after returning to Bolton by train again I got a bus home. I also did a lot of walking.

I’m not afraid of public transport, nor do I particularly dislike it. In fact, I quite enjoy being able to relax on a bus or train and not have to worry about directions or timings (other than if the train is delayed, etc). I consider myself a public transport user and have been since I was sixteen or so.

In fact, on Tuesday morning I had a discussion with my mum about public transport and car usage. If I was to travel to Manchester in a car at 11am on a Tuesday I would probably set off about thirty minutes before I needed to be there. If I was going by train I would set off two hours ahead of time.

On the road near my house there’s a school and outside the school is always a large number of cars waiting to pick up children. I often wonder what percentage of these car driving parents/guardians actually don’t live very far away (within walking distance). But we have come to rely upon cars. If you go to work in a car, it would be easier, as a parent, to work as late as possible and then drive to pick the children up from school. Easier but not healthier.

Once upon a time people had to rely upon bus timetables, or further still, their feet.

Sometimes I think we’re a little lazy when it comes to travelling. Because we’re now a nation of car drivers we expect our public transport to be as quick and frequent, but for so many public transport users, this is certainly not the case. Why else would I set off two hours before I need to be somewhere? Ideally, I could get the bus half an hour before my train and the train half an hour before I need to be where I need to go. But there are many factors I must take into account.

1) What if my bus is late and/or doesn’t turn up? If I’m relying on the bus to get me to the train and it doesn’t turn up, I’ll probably miss said train.

2) Walking in between. Unlike some towns the bus and train station are a short walk apart. I usually get off at a stop earlier than the bus station because it’s actually quicker and easier for me to walk from that stop than the bus station. If I didn’t allow for walking time I would almost certainly miss my train.

3) What if my train is delayed and/or doesn’t turn up? It happens, probably more often than buses due to signalling issues and other such eventualities. I could get the bus nice and quickly, but if there any problems with the train, I would be sure to be late if I scheduled just ten extra minutes onto my journey instead of forty (the train to Manchester takes twenty minutes). That ten minutes is really needed for walking time on the other side.

4) I absolutely hate to be late. Some people are quite happy to get the last possible bus and train and make excuses if/when there are problems, but I am certainly not one of them.

I also believe that, as a public transport user, I get the majority of my exercise from walking to and from various forms of transport. If you’re a child being picked up by a parent in a car, or someone who only drives to and from different locations, when do you find the time to get your heart pumping as you make your way between bus and train? Of course, some people drive to the train station. But there are also a few people who decide to travel by bike. It’s little things like this that make our journeys longer than those travelling by car.

I ask of you, how much exercise do you get during the day? I’m not talking about going to the gym after work, I’m talking about in your daily routine. Do you have to walk across a city centre delivering post? Do you walk to and from various forms of public transport like me? Or do you walk up and down the stairs in your house once or twice a day?

I do wonder.

If I didn’t get to walk whenever I leave the house, I wouldn’t be lucky enough to take photos of things like this as I wander through the local park.


Today’s theme for the Twitter Blogathon, if you hadn’t already noticed, is Public Transport.

(Title from the Bachelor Girl song Buses and Trains. Strangely enough, the two songs I have heard that even remotely mention public transport both mention it in a negative way. Train Wreck by Sarah McLachlan being the other.)

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5 thoughts on “I walked under a bus, got hit by a train…

  1. I can think of more public transport in songs!!

    Plain White T’s – “But they’ve got planes and trains and cars, I’d walk to you if I had no other way…”

    I also have one which talks about being aware of where the subway turns (metaphor for life there!) but I can’t remember who it’s by or what it’s called!

    Your blog has mainly got me thinking about how unhealthy my life is, I do try to walk down to the seafront every day but some days I’m just too fond of being warm and dry, or would prefer to have a coffee and a gossip in the staff room. I thought of you today actually, I found a random staircase which led to a room I’d never seen before! A hug room filled with bookshelves and squishy sofas. Apparently it’s called The Globe Lounge, but for me it shall always be The Griffindor Common Room. I really thought I’d fallen straight into Rowlings imagination 🙂

    Anyway, I’m off to walk round the campus before getting in my car and heading home…haha!

  2. Apologies that was not my intention! Oops. It is interesting though how years ago people would have done a lot more daily walking…and we wonder why there’s more of an obesity problem these days when people aren’t working manual jobs and are instead driving everywhere. We can only do so much in this kind of world methinks, to stay healthier.

    Ooh, yay for more transport songs. Actually, I could probably think of more. I know one about Charlie riding on a subway train ‘neath the streets of Boston, though it was more of a political song than actual song. Still, I do like to think about a man named Charlie on that tragic and fateful day.

    And wow, wow, wow! Not only is a random unknown staircase something akin to a secret passageway…but it leads to Gryffindors common room. Do you think they’d mind if I came to stay in the Globe room for a while? 😉

  3. Yeah I think that a lot. Back in my grandparents day they walked everywhere and did a lot more manual labour, so while life was more unhealthy in someways it was FAR more healthy in others. It’s said we’ll be the first generation to die younger than the last because our lives have become so bad for us. Even with that knowledge noone seems to be doing anything about it.

    I took pictures of the staircase and the common room, I’ll post them as soon as I’m somewhere with decent internet 🙂 Def don’t think anyone would mind you stopping in there for a while!

  4. Well, I guess it has do to with the fact that we don’t have a car, but I’ve been using public transport since I was 9 years old [I went to music school, so I had to take a bus or a trolley there], maybe that’s why I am so accustomed to it. I use car only when I go home from Riga, to be honest.

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