We are rarely proud when we are alone.

The theme for today’s Blogathon is courtesy of Katysense and instead of being a word or phrase is a song. To sum it up What have you done today to make you feel proud? (from Proud by Heather Small)

There are a lot of people in the world who play musical instruments or do sports and during their practice or games or concerts they are handed opportunities to show themselves off and make themselves feel proud about their achievements. I don’t play musical instruments (well I played the cello for a couple of years in primary school but I was never very good) and I don’t play sports, in fact, I don’t consider myself to do anything that really makes me feel proud.

I wanted a fancy title, so I Googled ‘Proud Quotes’ which brought up several quotations websites and so I found this quote from Voltaire (whoever that may be). We are rarely proud when we are alone. Is that to suggest that pride comes from doing things in front of other people? Using my examples of sports and music, etc. then I would say that yes, proud acts often happen in public, in the presence of others.

Though really I beg to differ because the more I think about it the more I realise what really does make me proud is my writing. I do it (mostly) in the comfort of my own bedroom, away from watchful eyes or people to sit and clap when it’s over. I do it by myself without anyone else around. I hear time and time again that writing is a solitary task. No matter how many people you talk to about putting words on the page or your ideas, no matter how many characters you know better than people you see every day, writing is a task you must partake in alone. Only I can put pen to paper or my fingers to the keyboard and produce my writing. I can’t ask someone else to do it for me because the moment I do, it’s no longer mine.

So I beg to differ Mr (or Mrs?) Voltaire, some people spend their lives openly proud in front of audiences watching the proudest moments of their lives unfold. Whereas others, like me, feel their pride alone.

I recently finished a story which I’d been writing for a few months. It was part of a Big Bang challenge, where a person writes at least ten thousand words and once they have completed their story someone creates some artwork for it. It’s a fandom thing, for those who write fanfiction and create fanart for their favourite TV programmes. I was taking part in my second Skins Big Bang. My story reached about twenty seven thousand words, which is quite an achievement. I wrote a story that I believed was a bit different and it had been in my head for so long that it felt amazing to finally get it down on paper (or computer) and see it come to life. Completing something you’ve worked on for months is always going to make you feel happy and proud…and a little bit relieved (it really started to annoy me towards the end).

(One of the pieces of art created for my story.)

It’s weird though because, unlike musical or sporting achievements, you can’t guarantee people will be there to cheer you on, to congratulate you, to tell you that actually you’re right to feel proud of your achievements. I’m still yet to get as much response for the story as I would have hoped/wished for.

I guess that’s the other side to writing and private pride, once you do reach out to an audience as a writer, you’re not guaranteed any response at all. No matter how proud you are of your work.

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3 thoughts on “We are rarely proud when we are alone.

  1. How interesting that you and I have reached such different conclusions in our blogs, about internal and external pride 🙂 I like it when that happens.

    I would certainly agree that your writing is an achievment, 27,000 words is more than my dissertation!!! Congratulations to you, well deserved pride I’d say xxx

    1. It is interesting, I too like it when that happens, the differences and the similarities we have in our blogs always make me smile.

      Thank you! I always laugh that I wrote more words of fanfiction in my final year of uni than I did assignments! Lol.

  2. Having struggled to write 3000/4000 word essays for uni (I didn’t do a disseration) I can only stand back and awe at the tremendous achievement and pride there is in producing a document 8 times the length! What, for me, makes it more phenomenal, is that each and every one of those 27,000 words came from your mind, your brain and leads me to wonder how we can both have the same muscle but you use it far more efficiently than I ever could!

    Well done!! xxx

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