The great gobbling Gentlemanfish

Once upon a time in a Kingdom far, far away there lived three little girls by the names of Katy S, Katy P and Fiona. They lived a moderately happy life in their own homes some distance apart where they communicated by electronic devices which were interlinked by a programme known far and wide as Twitter.

One day after some time sharing conversations about walking, food and other such elements of their daily lives they decided to share something very, very special. They decided to open a Blogathon. Being some distance apart meant that the Blogathon had to be conducted remotely via their electronic devices and so they began to blog daily about the different opinions and experiences which made up their lives. Along the way they received messages from Eglė, a girl that lived in a Kingdom over the seas in merry old Europa.

After joining in the Blogathon for a while, Eglė decided to leave her Kingdom of Latvia and make the trip across Europa and the seas towards the Great Kingdom of Britain. It would be a long and dangerous journey through the Europan forests, beaches and mountains which separated the Kingdom of Latvia from the seas of Channel England.

Before leave, Eglė set the other girls on a task to be completed by the time she arrived. They had to write about Fairytales. Now this task was difficult and it demanded a lot of time and attention from our three Brits, but as Blogathon founders they were up to the challenge. So as Eglė set off along the road through Europa, the girls thought and thought and thought about their task, before writing as fast as their fingers would allow on their electronic devices. Katy S was first to finish with a daring piece of bloggery, next was Fiona who decided to turn their experiences into a story and finally Katy P followed up with a wonderful piece that is so secret that it cannot be shared before midnight.

As Eglė fought the infamous Largo Dragon in the forests of Lithuania, kicked off Pixies in Poland, confused Giants in Germany and tied up poisonous Frogs in France before reaching the edge of the seas of Channel England. The land of the Great Kingdom of Britain was so near and yet so far as Eglė was forced to battle the final hurdle on her long and tiring journey. Sailing across the seas Eglė was forced to deal with great gobbling Gentlemanfish who swam around blowing tea and scones into the boat. She threw them all back into the sea as quickly as she could in the hope of staying afloat long enough to reach the shores of the Mouth of Ports and Bourn. The closer to the Mouth of Ports and Bourn she got, the more scones and tea landed in the boat. Eglė began to fear for her life which made her feel very sick. To ward off feelings of sickness she decided to open a bottle of Latvia’s finest seasickness limonada. But then one of the great gobbling Gentlemanfish bashed into the side of the boat and Eglė accidentally spilled the bottle all over her vessel. As if by magic, the wooden frame of the boat turned into bright, shining gold which appeared to ward off the Gentlemanfish.

Eventually the boat reached the Mouth of Ports and Bourn where a fisherman helped her drag the boat up the beach and secure it on some rocks. She asked him about the Gentlemanfish and he informed her that they only allowed people across the seas that appear to be of a certain stature and her golden boat was enough to allow her such passage. She thanked the man for his information and help and carried on her way up the beach towards a bus which would take her on the final leg of her journey towards the gates of the Great Kingdom of Britain.

An hour later and Eglė was allowed into the Great Kingdom of Britain where Katy, Katy and Fiona greeted her with hugs and print outs of their Fairytales Blogathon entries.

As the sun set on the Great Kingdom of Britain that day, Katy, Katy, Fiona and Eglė visited Nandosia for their evening meal and drank glasses of Vimptoes and cups of tea. Then the next morning Eglė was shown around the Kingdom.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

This blog was brought to you by the Twitter Blogathon, today’s theme was fairytales. I was originally going to talk about my favourite fairytales, instead you were handed something considerably less well put together. But I hope it’s been an enjoyable read all the same.


7 thoughts on “The great gobbling Gentlemanfish

  1. I’m stunned. Firstly, Katy S related a fairy tale to me in her entry, now this… A whole entry dedicated to me????? ♥ Awwwwwww, that is sooooooooooo sweet….. I have been with you for so short and yet I get such warm comments and reactions… ♥ I just don’t know what else to say right now…

  2. You, m’lady, have an incredible imagination! I love this story!!

    It’s very funny that you intended to write about your favourite fairy-tale and ended up instead writing a story (such innovative use of language throughout, truly inspired!) whereas I in my rush wrote about my favourite fairy-tale and then afterwards thought I could have instead told you of a story I once made up which has now been told within my family for around 17 years! We’ll have to work out a way to incorporate that into another theme hey.

    I can’t portray how much I love your writing. You’re brilliant really, just brilliant!!

    1. Ah shucks and I didn’t even think it was that good. *plays with bottom of skirt*

      Thanks! It just came out, I blame the phrase ‘Once Upon a Time’ it’s not the first time I’ve written a semi-fairytale of sorts. The last one was for someone’s 21st birthday, haha.

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the blog you wrote, in fact I really enjoyed reading it. So rest assured, your haste still brought about wonderfulness. But yes, we shall have to incorporate your story into another theme! Perhaps family traditions. I don’t suggest that for tomorrow though. Damn. I still need to think up a theme for then. Well, today. 😛

      Thanks for such a lovely comment ❤

  3. What a perfect end to a marvellous day. As tradition would have it this has been my bed time story, it was flipping brilliant! Even my friend came in to see what I was giggling at!

    I echo Katy’s sentiments, your writing is phenomenol (and with no google to check spelling that is probably wrong!) You did awesome girlfriend! 😉 xx

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