Why is it always someone’s fault?

Should an animal be killed for murdering someone in its own habitat?

In short, no. I don’t believe they should.

The world is made up of probably thousands of different kinds of creatures, each one as alike and different as each other. They live side by side in virtual harmony for the majority of their lives. As I walk down the street I see ants on the pavement, spiders scurrying into bushes, cats rolling around on the ground and birds flying high above. The variety of animals in the world is amazing and is something that people pay good money to see. Why else are there zoos and wildlife parks? What other reason is there for safaris in places like Africa? People like to see animals and something I’ve learnt over the years, more and more people prefer to see them in their own habitats.

The world is made up of dangerous animals that kill to live, to survive. There are spiders galore in Australia, snakes slithering around all over the world and lots of man-eating sharks and cats which we named as such. Once upon a time humans were on the food chain, just like every other animal out there. We didn’t breed animals to eat them; we went out and hunted like cats still do in gardens and sharks still do in the sea. Lions eat wildebeest; wildebeest eat grass. It’s part of life and something which we should not mess with.

It’s our messing with animals habitats that causes extinction because we wipe out their homes and for what?

To show that we’re the biggest and only powerful animal on the planet.

I once spoke to an old man about the natural instincts of animals and no matter how hard I tried to explain that humans are animals he didn’t believe me. He said that we weren’t that we were superior to animals.

Well I’m sorry matey, but we’re not. I actually think that in many ways humans are pretty damn stupid. Who else destroys their own habitats?

An incident in Australia in which a man was killed by a shark is sad. His family and friends have lost someone important to them. But it’s not the sharks fault. The shark didn’t go out there and think ‘oh look a silly human diving in my territory, I’m gonna bite him in the arse and send his body back to shore’. Sharks don’t think like that because humans are the only animals with conscious thoughts to the degree of considering murder. All the shark would have been thinking was ‘I smell blood, blood is food’ and off it went to have its meal.

Should the shark be killed in its home for doing what comes natural to it? What a preposterous idea.

I know some people might start thinking ‘but if a human killed another human then they should die’ but actually no, a good percentage of the world doesn’t believe that. Sure there are the few people who believe that the death penalty should exist, but the laws of the UK (and for the record, Australia) suggest that a murderer should be punished by a prison sentence. So what right do we have to then say that animals are the ones that deserve to die? What makes their ‘crimes’ any more serious than humans? If anything, I’d be more worried about a human thinking about murder than an animal which is killing to live.

The world has quite a twisted view of how we treat animals and humans. Animals are killed for being ill, we put them to sleep to ‘ease their pain’ and yet we don’t afford our fellow man with this pleasure. In fact it’s illegal to offer such a ‘horrific act’ to other humans. The same people who argue against euthanasia are probably perfectly happy (in the ‘this is the right thing to do’ sense, not the ‘I’m happy I’m doing this’ sense) to take their sick dog to the vets.

Just because we’ve fought and bullied our way across the continents, told natives that their way of life isn’t okay, despite their peaceful way of living. A long time ago Europeans (though a large percentage of those were probably British) near enough caused the extinction of other humans and yet we think we have to right to do the same to animals because they dared kill a man in their territory. Yet in the same vein of thought we expect to be able to defend our homes from intruders, even if that intruder ends up dead?

Talk about a contradiction.

But that’s typical humans; think about themselves because anyone or anything else must be in the wrong for daring to hurt someone you care about…or in the sake of this man, another human being.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s sad when people die. But why is it always someone else’s fault?


*** Please note, I understand not all humans are exactly the same and so this is a general human as a collective than individuals. Some of you individuals I know are lovely.


3 thoughts on “Why is it always someone’s fault?

  1. I often wonder this, why does someone always have to be to blame? Not only in an example as extreme as this, but in many other situations too, seems so silly that people instantly jump to pointing fingers and asigning fault.

    What other species would be stupid enough to destroy it’s own habitat, indeed. Now there’s a thought to ponder on awhile.

    Ps Love the Lion King reference, we’re so cool with our Disney knowledge 🙂

    1. I referenced the Lion King? Well, what do you know! Accidentally mind you. Haha.

      I wonder the very same thing, it’s something I have major gripes about and I’m forever wondering. No one can die without there being someone to blame, natural disasters can’t even hit without someone getting blamed for doing something wrong.

      One of the bigger problems with humans nowadays is that we forget we’re just that…

  2. I’d never thought about it being someone elses fault. The more I think about it, the more right it is. Definitely food for thought.

    It makes me smile how we all have very similar ideas but have explored such different ideas with that 🙂

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