Soul Apple in every bite

Today’s theme, as chosen by moi, is the music of your teens – the one group/band/singer you loved the most. For me the answer is clear cut, in fact it’s so simple that it only takes a big S and 7 wonderful people to make it work. That’s right, as a teenager my favourite pop group was S Club 7. Hannah, Jon, Paul, Rachel, Tina, Bradley and Jo were my whole world, they were everything that mattered about my life as a teenager and like many teenage girls my favourite pop group also housed my first real crush; Jon (I know, you don’t need to say anything, nobody needs to mention the gay word…because let’s face it, I’m over halfway there too, so it wasn’t just him).

I bought every single, every album (on the day they came out), every magazine (and newspaper, even the one about the boys cannabis smoking). I had a paper round and the shop allowed us to buy things out of our wages, being a paper shop there was almost every magazine you could wish for. On more than one occasion I owed the paper shop money come Saturday when they paid me; though thankfully only twice.

My bedroom walls were covered, and when I say covered I mean literally top to bottom and ceiling, in S Club 7 posters. When friends stayed over at my house they would find it freaky that so many eyes were watching me, I only found it a comfort.

My love for S Club 7 started with Miami 7, if you remember S Club 7 lived their careers as singers and actors. I watched Miami 7 and enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t help fall for the pop group that came out of it. I went on to watch every single one of their progammes (I’m so gutted most of them are not available on DVD). In fact, I recorded every single television programme that they were on – countless times do I have recordings of SMTV Live, Live and Kicking, CD:UK, GMTV, This Morning, heck, even that crappy Channel 4 music show. I have a video tape that says on it “IT’S NOT THIS TAPE” because of the countless times I went back through my tapes trying to find certain moments I wanted to relive.

There’s even a Children In Need from one year where they shot part of S Club 7’s performance from behind making it look like Hannah was stroking Bradley’s bum…in the same Children In Need (I think) the girls dressed up in sexy gear and did an awesome sexy dance around the slimy appearing Leslie Grantham.

I listened to their single Natural sooo much on repeat that whenever I listen to it I can still hear my sister shouting “can you turn it down?” in the background (creepy I know).

I especially remember the day that Paul quit. I was gutted, naturally. My friends all turned up at my house because we were going out and I can still see myself walking up the street talking to them about it.

None of that prepared me for the end. But I got through it thanks to the music of my later teenage favourite musical act: Delta Goodrem.  I also wrote a poem. I have a printed out copy of it somewhere, not sure where, it’s my only copy though, so I can’t share it with you.

S Club 7 were also the very first (proper) fanfiction I ever wrote. It all began with some very badly written ‘scripts’ where Rachel told Jo she was pregnant and that she was worried that her boyfriend wouldn’t want children. Because as a teenager my first thought when someone who wasn’t married got pregnant was “are they going to keep it?” (something which one of my best friends at the time was unimpressed with when their sister in her early 20s got pregnant). Anyway, I got better. I created this whole world where Rachel had a son at 16 and kept it from the world and Jon only found out because he saw her in the hospital when his sister ended up in there. It all got a bit silly really. But Jamie Stevens will always be the first character I ever created and turned into a real living soul…I even wished him a Happy Birthday this year (a birthday he shares with Tina and my friend Red).

Anyway, before I bore you to tears with more stories about my S Club 7 life (although I should probably tell you I got to go to their first tour and it was amazing, well impressed that they had a CAR on stage!) I will hang up my writing fingers for this evening (but not before I tell you I was VERY lucky to meet Jo when she released her solo stuff, she happened to do an instore appearance (including singing) in the HMV in the Trafford Centre, very very very happy).

I will leave you with a couple of my favourite songs and a photograph I took today whilst buying 99p albums by B*Witched and Rachel Stevens (it was like going back in time, this shop sold everyone from Leann Rimes to The Corrs to S Club 7 to, well, everyone from my childhood).

From album one ‘S Club’ (over on the left) I loved Two in a Million and So Right (well, I loved them all, but that’s beside the point.

Album 2 ‘7’ o(n the right) I’ll choose Reach, Love Train and Natural (they got half naked under a waterfall in the video, what do you expect?)

Third album ‘Sunshine’ (for some reason in the middle) is You, Have You Ever and Summertime Feeling…You was just amazing.

Finally the fourth and final (and the one without Paul) album ‘Alive’ (you can just about see it on the edge of the right) I’ll pick Let Me Sleep and Gangsta Love. Who wouldn’t love a song that goes ‘Soul apple in every bite. Whenever you’re rubbin’ dubbin’ Pineapple he’s playing all night. He’s the one he’s the one baby.’

Not to forget that the greatest hits album ‘Best’ had their final song Say Goodbye on it, a song that will probably still bring tears to my eyes.

P.S. I refuse to accept Jon’s sexuality. I was away from internet, phone and newspaper contact when it was announced so I refuse to accept it. So there. 😛

Oh…and I so wrote Paul and Hannah getting into a relationship before it actually happen. True fact. Then I killed him in a plane crash. Oops.

Almost forgot to say…I once got my hair cut like Hannah’s, in her Never Had a Dream Come True days…yes, the short hair. 😉 My hair is thicker than hers. Yuck.


2 thoughts on “Soul Apple in every bite

  1. Hahaha this made me smile so much! You seriously loved S Club!! I didn’t even know they had that many albums, though I do remember being amazed when Paul and Hannah got together, gutted when Paul left, thinking Tina was irrelavent, wishing Bradley wouldn’t rap and that they should stop trying to turn Rachel into ‘Posh Spice’. Haha! Good times 🙂

    I enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

    Also didn’t know Jon was gay, so that makes two of us, can’t be true!

  2. Oooooh S Club Love. How very very awesome. We all know there’s no party like an S Club Party.

    I LOVED this theme. And I can’t wait to get somewhere with internet & speakers where I can listen to all your links… I may even dig out my albums for my drive back to Sussex tomorrow 😀

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