The Bad Boy is Back…

For today’s theme Katy P asked us to choose a random DVD from our collection and tell you all about it. When I first stuck my hand into my DVD box I came upon an animated film called The Reef. I have very little story behind this DVD, despite it being a wonderful story, so I decided to choose one of the ones next to it. Weirdly enough on one side was City of Angels which has always been a firm favourite and I could talk about for hours, though really, I hate spoiling it, so I’d probably not so very much. But the one I looked to first was Blue Streak.

Blue Streak is a crime/cop style comedy a little like Beverley Hill Cop, but maybe not quite as funny. It stars the ‘other’ Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and it’s a film which has quite a bit of a story behind its purchase.

On my 17th birthday I went to ASDA with a friend from college. I didn’t really have any close friends and so I didn’t have any big plans either. We walked around ASDA for a little while and for some reason, after a brief discussion with Siobhan, I decided to buy a DVD. This DVD. She’d seen it and said it was quite good and I took a chance. I’d only really bought one DVD before this one (You’ve Got Mail, which I absolutely adore) and so it was all a bit new purchasing DVDs. It was pretty cheap as far as DVDs go, probably one of the first £5 DVDs in existence.

When we went to the checkout it did its usual ‘check ID’ so the woman asked how old I was. For some reason I told her I was 16 and then quickly said no wait… and it was all rather funny. Being the first day of being 17 I’d actually forgotten for a moment that I was 17 at all. It’s a 15 film and because I’ve always been small and never really looked my age it was only natural the woman would ask such a question. Anyway, for a low-key birthday it was rather enjoyable.

Now, on to the film itself.

It’s a pretty basic film about a bank robber who spends two years in jail after being caught committing a crime. Said crime, however, was not very well handled because he put the loot somewhere safe…only after two years in jail a police station had been built around it. So he goes ‘undercover’ as a police detective in order to recover the loot stashed in a ventilation shafts. As you do. He’s not your average police officer; naturally, he’s not one after all! So it’s often rather funny watching him learn the ropes on the job.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best piece of film ever to be made, nor is it the funniest. But as far as action comedies go, it’s not half bad. Certainly not a waste of 90 minutes…unless you hate cop films and/or can’t stand Martin Lawrence. I can’t really remember the first time I watched it but I know I enjoyed it enough to watch it two or three more times since then. In fact I’m going to watch it tonight because now I really want to return to the funny.

I think the idea of the film is a rather good one. How many times do you watch the same film over and over again? Romantic comedies are the worst for that because it’s the same story done in the same way with different characters or different locations. Blue Streak is a bit different to your average cop film, it’s a bit different to your average comedy and it’s certainly a bit different to your average…well…non-Eddie Murphy film. The only thing it is alike is Eddie Murphy’s films, obviously. Well, it’s not really. But I think if you like Eddie Murphy in Beverley Hill Cop then you’ve got a good firm chance of enjoying Blue Streak. If you don’t, well, it’s not really any loss.


One thought on “The Bad Boy is Back…

  1. Have never even heard of this movie 🙂 How exciting! Next time I want an Eddie Murphy style cop comedy I’ll check it out!

    I still tell people I’m 23 despite having been 24 for 7 months, I wonder if I’ll ever grow out of that!

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