Dearest Doctor, please return thy to ye old world of yesteryear.

I can picture it now, sitting here at my desk when all of a sudden I hear this loud noise outside in the garden. I look out my bedroom window but see nothing, so I go to the window on the landing, again nothing. So I climb over the clutter in the spare bedroom and look out the back window where I spot it, there, on top of our garage, the TARDIS. If it happened I’d probably be petrified, but that’s beside the point.

Today’s theme was set by me and I asked the Katys to tell the world what period in time/or person from history they would visit if the Doctor offered them just one trip.

My favourite part of history is the Second World War, I’m not sure why because I know it’s not ‘interesting’ in a happy way, but the Holocaust particularly fascinates me to no end. I’ve studied it at school, read books set in occupied Europe, even visited museums dedicated to the war and more significantly, the Holocaust itself.

But do I really want to visit it? Probably not.

As much as I love that period in history, I’d like it to stay in books and museums because it’s hard enough standing in a museum staring at thousands of shoes all piled up remembering that once upon a time their wearers were alive. Until they were brutally murdered in concentration camps. But the thing that scares me the most isn’t that, per se (though it is frightening to imagine being there), it’s the thought of being in a world where guns and bombs are so common that you don’t actually know if you’re going to survive until the next day. So I’m going to put my favourite part of history to one side and opt for something a little more…sober.

Despite setting this theme myself, I actually cannot think of any specific person in history I would like to meet. Nor can I think of a time, in terms of significant events or specific moments that I’d like to be there to see. I do, however, know that I’d love to go back to a period in history where the world was a lot simpler.

I am a self-confessed modern day girl in that I’m bisexual (that wouldn’t be very accepted way back when, however, without the internet and the television programme Skins, perhaps I’d never have realised), I’m a bit of a feminist at times (my simpler time being back before the twentieth century and so before the suffragettes made their mark) and I don’t believe in God…something which really would be seen as terrible in the simpler times I hope to visit. I also love the internet, television, technology generally is something I enjoy to use.

But that doesn’t mean that a simpler time would be any less enjoyable. It would be weird at first, an adjustment to live in a world where I have nothing I’m used to, but I know I could do it. I’ve had to live without my mobile phone on more than one occasion and aside from the brief visits to the internet in the two months I spent at summer camp, I lived in a world which was rather rustic and old fashioned.

I like the idea of living within your means, not wanting to stretch yourself too thinly because there’s nothing you really want that you don’t really need. Right now I’m surrounded by things I own which serve no purpose in terms of making my life better. I could live without them. I don’t *need* an iPod, I don’t *need* a sewing machine, I don’t *need* a webcam. If I was in a simpler I wouldn’t need to worry about that because I could milk cows, or cook dinner, or sweep floors. I could walk across moors and through forests just to get to the nearest village.

I tend to have quite old fashioned values so I think I would fit in quite well. Despite yesterday’s rant about how chivalry is a little sexist, in years gone by it would be normal and I’d be okay with that because that would be the era I’m in.

As much as I dislike reading books like Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice (the stories are great, I just hate the language) the worlds they’re set in have something magical about them. It’s like it’s a time where you just want to be because everyone is so happy and though that’s not really true, there’s certain conventions which you live by and you do it because it’s expected of you and that’s normal.

So, Doctor, I don’t care which date we go back to (as long as we avoid plagues and wars) just make it a long, long time ago so that I can live in a simple world without the complications we have today. Oh and be sure there’s cows, remember, I’d like to milk one.

Find out which period in history Katy and Katy opted to visit by reading their blogs – lilmisskaty and katysense.


7 thoughts on “Dearest Doctor, please return thy to ye old world of yesteryear.

  1. Haha come and visit me, I’ll take you to Folly Farm and you can milk a cow there 🙂 There would also be unusual language, a total lack of signal will render your internet and phone useless and I’m pretty sure I could even find you somewhere which still only offers 4 television channels if I tried hard enough!

    Also if you don’t like ye olde language then I apologise in advance for my blog!

    1. Haha, how awesome! I have milked a goat, I thought it’d be nice to bump that experience up to a cow. 😛

      Unusual language is wonderful in spoken form! Especially olde language. I do love a bit of unusual language, haha. Where you live makes me laugh, the old school first four channels? Really?! 😛

      1. When on earth did you milk a goat? haha!!

        I think pretty much all of Wales has had to go digital now, but before that mums house struggled with channel 5 so yup we only had bbc 1, 2, itv and S4C (welsh), no T4 for me!

  2. I want to milk a cow too! I love cows… it’s the one thing my Scottish quests have yet to deliver. I am with you too on the language in Wuthering Heights et al (*makes a note and ponders not reading Katy’s blog* :P)

    1. Woo! We should so find somewhere we can do that and milk to our hearts content…twice a day every day would be a bit much though.

      I like to be able to read a book without worrying about understanding every second word. When I read I often skip the basics like a, the and of, but you can’t do that with Wuthering Heights. 😦

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