Lord of the Magical Desert island

Have you ever walked through a forest so dense you wonder if you’ll ever get out alive? Or swam in an oasis surrounded by trees, wildlife and rocks? How about sleeping in a treehouse high up in the treetops with rope bridges and contraptions made from wood and vines?

No. Me neither. But I wouldn’t mind doing so.

Today’s theme, brought to us by the lovely LilmissKaty, is to create our own magical island. I guess in a situation like this the world is our oyster, we can have man eating antelope with sixteen heads or water powered rockets propelled into the sky to create weird and wonderful shapes, or perhaps a large castle something akin to Harry Potter?

It’s my island; I can do what I like.

My first idea relates to the film Hop (all about the Easter Bunny) because their concept of Easter Island makes me smile. Who wouldn’t want a wonderland of goodies underneath the ground? What my actual idea relating to that though was to have an island like a TARDIS where you go underground and oh look, the island is humongous. That way you could have what appears to be a very small island and yet it’s actually extremely large. It would be a good idea to ward off predators and people wanting to take over the island.

What I really, desperately, would prefer, however, is a mixture between Lord of the Flies (what an amazing island!) and the island in the Swiss Family Robinson (wow, wow and wow!). A proper, traditional desert island with little more than lush growth, palm trees and sandy beaches from the first viewpoint, yet when you explore further you see rivers, waterfalls, caves and mountains. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

I wouldn’t want my island to be too big, or else it would take too long to travel around it. Then again, it’s my island. So how about a bunch of dune buggies to drive around in? Yeah? Okay then. Dune buggies and sandy pathways that take you all across the jungle and round the perimeter, but the pathways can’t take away from the original surroundings, it would have to look genuine and real and natural.

Now we’ve got the general surroundings sorted, let’s talk insects. I don’t really like them. I’d like to request this island be insect free. Plants and animals can somehow live without the need for them. I don’t mind butterflies, they’re welcome to flap their little colourful artwork wings around and bees are welcome too, bees that don’t go near people. Ooh and the odd ladybird, pretty insects to make people smile. Sorry ants, you’re definitely not welcome.

Insects aside, I’d like a menagerie of animals.

Squirrels are a must because I love watching them scurrying up and down trees with and without nuts. How about a few monkeys to swing through the treetops? Lots and lots and lots of cats, of all shapes and sizes, but they’d all have to be as docile as house cats (yes, I’m looking at you lions and tigers). Some would be a bit grumpier like my girlcat Lila, others would flop down and beg for a belly rub like my boycat Bertie. I’d quite like some giraffes and zebra and perhaps a few pigs. Not to mention cows, goats, anything and everything really. Except dogs. I really don’t like dogs. No. There can be dogs, but they have to be the friendly, happy kind that don’t come running up to you…dogs that I can go to on my terms and not theirs.

Picture Noah’s Ark, right there on my island.

And otters.

They’re the biggest must. I’d like a large pond in the middle of the island where the otters live, they can swim around in the water, sunbath on the rocks and play with pebbles like they’re successful basketball players (have you ever seen them? It’s so wonderful!).

There’s also a need for ducks and swans that will live together in another pond somewhere else on the island. I don’t want any geese though. They take over and so this island will have a geese force field around it, so if any geese come this way, they’ll get confused and decide to fly off in the opposite direction.

I need chickens. Lots and lots of chickens. They can have their own little area where they roam free and enjoy their lives, they can have nests where they’ll lay eggs for us to eat and actually, they’ll offer them to use because that’s their job. Some eggs will of course be kept for making baby chickens, but some will be given to us, the ones that won’t make babies. And egg will taste of bacon because actually I don’t like egg…so unless it’s egg to go in cakes, it’ll taste of different things that I do like.

I would also need another pond for tadpoles and frogs to live in; it would be overgrown and very natural. Not like the oasis style watering holes of the other ponds, this one would be very grassy and full of bulrushes. I would like to request a platform all the way around it so that you can sit and draw or write or take photographs.

The sun would always be shining, because what better place is there to have sun continually? Except at night. When it’s still warm enough and the moon will shine down in all its full glory (who needs crescent moons) and the stars will flicker. There would be rain only at night time, when the plants need it the most after a long day of heat and we’re fast asleep in bed and so it won’t affect us.

I would live in a treehouse in the middle of the dense forest and this is where the Swiss Family Robinson really comes into play. A treehouse something similar to theirs is a MUST. The whole thing would be made of wood and foliage (which won’t die off because once it’s grown, it stays that way forever). I’d want separate rooms in separate parts of the tree (see picture) and we’d have pully ropes for everything, just like they do in the film. What a glorious house it would be. It would be on the edge of a great ravine and across the ravine would be many, many rope bridges that look magnificent but when you walk across feel like the sturdiest thing you’ll ever walk on.

In the treehouse will be a door which leads into the centre of the tree, which will be carved out to make a staircase that spirals down and down and down deep into the earth below the tree and there will be the centre of a network of tunnels. At first I expected these tunnels to just be tunnels, but now I believe they should have some form of transportation in them. I’m thinking those double-sided train things that you require two people to lift up and down to travel across tracks. Except that you can set them to automatic so that if you’re tired or alone can have some of the weight taken off your shoulders. They would go across the island, secret passageways that connect every part of the island together – from the beach, to the treehouse, to the oasis and the ponds. The tunnels will be lit by magical lights that stay on all of the time and yet don’t waste any power at all. I’m thinking fireflies perhaps, everlasting fireflies, which can stay in the tunnels and live and prosper for all of their days.

I wouldn’t need magical creatures or general mystical objects, I’d be more than happy with a fully functioning desert island; though workable toilets would also be useful.

And at night, when the sun goes down, we’ll have fires out on the beach and by the treehouse where we’ll toast marshmallows, eat s’mores and listen to the sounds of all the tropical birds and creatures getting ready for a busy night out in the jungle.

P.S. Dearest Katy, this was so much fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

P.P.S. I decided not to draw a picture after all. I would never do my island justice and quite frankly, I hope my writing will allow you to create your own image of this magnificent place.

P.P.P.S. PLEASE can I live here?


5 thoughts on “Lord of the Magical Desert island

  1. Bingo on TARDIS! All of us mentioned it 😀 What an awesome island! Enough magic to make the natural magic and beauty sparkle! I ❤ your island! And echo your thanks to Katy, you did a marvellous job!

    1. Hahaha, that is a little weird! Thanks, glad you liked it…though I do feel mine is distinctly less magical than yours and Katys, but ah well! 😛

  2. Oh Fi, if only I had the power to grant wishes I would, in a heartbeat!! What a gorgeous place you have created, somehow all the more magical because it is so obtainable. You can really imagine a place like this existing, it feels like a place from the life of Sara Crewe 🙂

    The goose force field however did make me chuckle!!

    You have described things I hadn’t even realised I wanted, like squirrels and no nasty bugs! The tree sounds like the faraway tree, only with the best treehouse ever (love that film!!). If only we were millionaires and could create these places! I should very much like to visit you and Katy on your paradise isles 😀

    1. What do you mean you can’t make this happen? But, but, but you promised! *sticks out bottom lip and sulks*

      Sara Crewe? I must look into this person…and the supposed Swiss Family Robinson book. Okay, research ahoy.

      Treehouses should be amazing wonderful things, definitely. Thanks. 🙂

      1. Made me worry I’d said about the SFR book then but no, I definitely said film 🙂 Sara Crewe is the character from A Little Princess, a book (and film) I adore! You should definitely look in to it!

        I have a treehouse at home 😀

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