A Day in my Bedroom *yawn*

Good morning, have a nice sleep? My bed’s pretty comfortable, isn’t it? Waking up sometime after ten is rather nice, especially having spent the night before unable to sleep. I’ve got my routine down quite nicely; in fact it’s been helping with productivity. You might not have guessed that what with me still being in bed an hour after waking up. I usually struggle to wake up fully, especially if I’m getting up early or generally waking to my alarm. To avoid the struggle sometime after my first alarm (or if I’m awake naturally) I’ll reach for my iPod and check my emails, then I’ll check Twitter and the local news and the national news and the entertainment news…yes, lots of news. I always know what’s going on in the world, even if it doesn’t interest me (i.e. X Factor (though that tends to wash over me like fog), football (I don’t recall anything interesting there today) and Justin Bieber (apparently the woman who claims he fathered her daughter has been getting death threats off his obsessive fans)). Even Twitter tells me the news, since I follow all three news outlets on there.

My day probably sounds pretty uneventful and well, honestly, it really is. In fact, part of me wonders why I even suggested this theme for today (which was switched with Katy’s and yesterday). I tend to not choose themes based on what I want to write about or share. Instead I think of what I want to know about Katy and Katy and that is where my theme came from.

Usually in a morning I start writing on my iPod, it gets the creative juices flowing before I’ve even get out of bed which is actually the best way to do it. Otherwise I make my breakfast and creativity has already flown out of the window with the pigs that tell me one day I’ll use my time out of work to write a novel. This morning I hopped on downstairs as quickly as possible and put my toast in the microwave (yes, I eat toast microwaved, not toasted, it works pretty well actually, it sucks all moisture out of it and turns it hard and crunchy and a lot less crumby). Then I grumbled at the fact there were no clean plastic pint glasses, so I had to use a green one, which is rather flimsy and somehow my Vimto doesn’t taste quite the same from it (it’s okay, I poured the juice into the blue plastic pint glass I had in my room from the night before – see Katy, I do recycle some things 😉 ).

I took my breakfast upstairs and turned on the computer (something I usually do before I head down to make breakfast, but today it happened to go this way around). Before I could completely lose all sense of creativity I opened up Word and set to editing a chapter of one of my Skins fanfics, having already written the majority of it, it made it a lot easier to pull back some creativity and write. Once I’d finished that I uploaded it to Fanfiction.net and began buttering my toast. I don’t bother with the kitchen, I cook it and then bring it upstairs to my own stash of butter (well margarine, Bertolli to be exact, in case you were wondering, though I suspect you weren’t) and Marmite (you can turn your nose up at it all you like, I love it and I refuse to let any haters to bring me down, just so you know).

So far my day’s looking pretty boring, as per usual. Some days I go for a walk, I’ve been trying to do that every day lately, but having had a tough few days I’ve not really had the energy or motivation. Instead I decided to watch the episode of The Big Bang Theory that I caught the end of last night because apparently it’s available on 4OD (something I didn’t remember). But my computer has been acting up lately and streaming video seems to be pretty difficult.

What must one do when they cannot get video streaming to work effectively and are hoping to watch the preview of the season premiere of The Mentalist tonight? They begin to unclutter their computer. Oh happy days, what an event (note the sarcasm, I know you’re thinking it too). I actually became quite productive. I deleted a lot of wastage, old videos, useless files, most of it still exists there on my overflowing hard drive but I managed to get rid of a few gigabytes. Most of which I actually transferred to my external hard drive and to be extra safe, DVDs. When all of that failed to make video streaming work I did a system restore to a point a few days ago, before the streaming issue appeared.


And voila! After hours of grunting and groaning and wanting to throw my computer out of the window, the problem was resolved and I finished watching that episode of The Big Bang Theory. I also ate ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough, in case you were wondering. Then I helped my mum to put the shopping away, then I cut some peppers and put some of our food waste into the little caddy the local council gave us. We’re entitled to two rolls of biodegradable bags a year, how awesome. That’s pretty much my life up until now.

Unless you count the random occasions throughout the day where I cuddled my boycat who decided to jump on my lap and beg for attention. Or the moment I looked out the window to see him across the street, tapped on the glass and ran downstairs because he’d made his way across the road and opened the door to which he jumped into the house and ran off to the kitchen. Oh and there was a little spider which has been living in the corner by our food caddy which keeps hiding every time I go near it.

So that’s my day…this is where things change. Tonight, being the night before Bonfire Night, I’m going to a bonfire and fireworks display that my Scout group are holding. Fun times. And yes, that was sarcasm too. I just can’t be bothered with it tonight. But I’m hoping to drag my parents along and fingers crossed all Beaver Scouts will come with their parents and so it’ll be okay if I leave about eight after the fireworks. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I shall go eat and you can go and cheer yourself up because let’s face it, how boring was my blog today? At least I didn’t spend the day in bed wallowing in self-pity like I did last night. Cloud, meet your silver lining. Many apologies all the same. I’m sure you’ll find something much more superior and interesting over on Katy’s blog and Katy’s newly transferred to WordPress blog.


P.S. Wooo, this is my 70th WordPress blog post. Probably more interesting than the post itself. Thanks to Katy and Katy for being the reason I blog so much.


8 thoughts on “A Day in my Bedroom *yawn*

  1. I microwave toast too! When I’m doing eggy bread, makes it far studier! And as for marmite, thumbs up!

    Sounds like a lovely chilled out day to me, I know not having “work” or a routine can sometimes be pretty tough, especially finding motivation to do things. I was unemployed for a month or so last year and nearly went insane, it’s not the time so much as the lack of money to do anything! If I was rich I could skip work easily, filling days would be a doddle 😀

    1. Woo! Good to find other people who do microwaved toast. And always a massive thumbs up and high fives for the Marmite. 😛

      You’re right, of course you’re right. It really does drive you insane not having anything to do (it’s about time I looked into some volunteering) but of course when you’re busy you can’t sit still long enough to have the amount of relaxation I get now. Bloody catch-22s. 😛

  2. So microwaving bread is definitely something I am missing out on! I like my toast hot and black tho (some would say a little like I like my men, however I prefer them without melted margarine and jam…….). Anyway, I digress. I love that you start writing before you’ve even got up. The only thing I manage to think before I get up (by alarm or not by alarm) is “when can I go back to bed” or “please let me stay here…”

    Strange question… why do you use plastic pint glasses instead of glass ones?!?!

      1. Hahaha! Not quite. 😛 I’m very good at balancing pots and plates and cups…in fact plastic cups I can hold in my mouth if I suck in. 😛 Useful if I’m carrying a large pile of plates…which I often find myself doing.

        P.S. Actual answer to glass thing above. 😛

    1. It’s pretty good!!! Though really depends on how you like your toast…perhaps not your kind of toast then. 😛

      I really have to start writing then or I’ll never get anything done, then again I’ve had the file open all day after doing some writing this morning and I’m yet to write anything more. Ah well. 😛

      And as for the glass…well…we have plastic and glass ones, I just prefer the plastic ones. It might sound weird but Vimto doesn’t taste the same in a glass-glass. 😛

      1. I always had plastic glasses in uni, they were the biggest ones I could find. Pure laziness, the bigger the glass the less I had to go and fill it up! Haha!

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