Today’s theme we’re supposed to write about the best month of our life. I’m not even sure I have one though. I’ve had good hours, good days, good weeks, but months? It’s hard to pinpoint an exact one. Some of the best weeks of my life have also been my worst; does that mean I shouldn’t talk about them? I don’t know.

I guess at the moment it’s easy to be a little blind to the past. Try as I might I can’t seem to shift the fogged up glasses (opposite to rose-tinted, so says me!) that are clouding my judgement. All I see is this negativity and everywhere I turn is stress and difficulty.

I suppose I could begin by telling you about some of my happier days, moments which together make up the best moments of my life.

Summer 2000 – my little cousin Harley was four, his little sister was a few months old and I went to stay with them for a few days which I think turned into a week. It was the last summer before he started school and his mum wanted him to have a good time, so we went to lots of different places – the cinema, a country park, I can’t even remember some of the places. I do remember feeling really happy though. One day I helped Harley to get dressed and as I was tying his shoelaces he gave me a hug. I asked him why he did it and he told me it was because he loved me. Now I’m getting teary. I’ll never forget that moment.

March 2009 – as part of my university degree, well not really part of the degree, but as my degree was written by people who work with volunteers I was lucky enough to be part of a group who planned and ran a leadership conference. We were based in the Lake District for a week where we split the participants into groups and we each took a group in pairs. I don’t know what it was about that week but I was a completely different person. I could be myself, I was respected, I was loved and it felt like the best thing. We had some really lovely weather, so lovely in fact that we ended up sat out on the car park in the sunshine talking about the conflict cycle. Nobody wanted to pay any attention, but it didn’t matter, you know? It was wonderful. I met some great people, who I’m not really in contact with anymore, but it felt good. On the last night we had a ‘banquet’ and decorated the room all nicely and made it all into this fancy event. I’d been working every day from about 8 until 12 at night, I got 7 good hours sleep each night and yet I was shattered. So much so that after having a can of Coca Cola people asked if I had Vodka in it. I don’t know what it is about being that sleep deprived but it’s the greatest feeling on earth.

December 2009 – due to being in the US over the summer of 2009 I opted to graduate in December instead. Thankfully a couple of the girls on my course struggled to finish so they graduated then too. It was one of those moments when I actually felt proud of myself, you know? I stood up there and I accepted my certificate (they gave out little certificates wrapped up in a ribbon, which I hear they don’t do at all graduations, so I was lucky to be at UCLAN) and I got my photograph taken. I’ll always remember that day.

August 2011 – I’d had two difficult fortnights, I was beginning again with a new group of sixteen year olds and I don’t know what was different the third time around, but something was. I’d been working on The Challenge and it had been a rollercoaster of a time. Then I met this amazing group of young people who I clicked with so well, I knew the programme like the back of my hand and for the first time I felt like I had the upper hand. Don’t get me wrong, there were trying times, but it was the most rewarding fortnight of my life. At a time when my confidence had sunk to an all-time low I was in dire need of something to pick me up and that group did that. The first week they had to do drama performances for the showcase event on the last day and they nailed it, they didn’t just do a great performance, they did the best showcase performance I’d seen all summer. Two out of three plays were heart breaking and made me want to cry and the third was full of comedy. I’m not sure how these young people did it but they are one talented bunch. I’ll never forget Reiss Lightning.

That’s me some happy moments which I hope are a good alternative to the best month of my life.

Don’t forget to check out Katy and Katy’s blogs, links are on the side. Guess which one is which? That’s right, Katy is lilmisskaty and Katy is katysense. 😉


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