A Message To Anyone

Dear whoever may find this letter,

For a long time now I’ve wanted to throw a message in a bottle out to sea and wait. You know in the films and the TV programmes where they do things like that and it always seems so mystical and wonderful. I know it’s probably not as simple as that, nor is it as likely I’d get a response, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to try.

Whoever you are, whatever you do in life, I hope this letter finds you well. I wonder where it is you actually live, whether you live in a house by the sea or just happened to be there for the day, or perhaps you live in an apartment in a city or even don’t have a house at all.

We may be very similar or we may be very different and perhaps we’ll never know.

It’s a funny thing, not knowing. I hate to not know whether someone from my past is okay or whether their life is going the way they hope and sending a letter out in the world like this makes me wonder how I feel about maybe never knowing if this letter even reaches a human being. I certainly hope it doesn’t kill any animals in the process. I once left a book in New York, on a small brick wall a few hundred yards from Time Square, inside I left a note asking whoever found the book to contact me if they felt like it. I guess you could say that was similar to this. I never got a response from that though.

Do you ever think about the world far away from your own? Sometimes I think about all the bad things about living here, in England, the things that annoy me and make me upset and I wonder whether people in other places feel the same way. Some places I know they do, like Australia and the USA, but other places I have no idea what it’s like to live there; India, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, the list is endless. Though I don’t intend to ever travel to those locations I still wonder what it’s like living in them.

You might not even be from one of those countries, you could be from France or Ireland or maybe even further down the coast.

I want you to know that no matter who you are, no matter what you do, chances are you’re a wonderful human being who has lots of love to share and lots of people to share that love with. We all deserve to be happy. I hope this letter brings you a smile, no matter how randomly it has appeared in your life.

Don’t be a stranger, what a way to make friends!

Today’s theme was set by me and I asked the girls to write a letter they would send as a message in a bottle. Not too sure about this as the finished article, but ahh well, it’ll do, for now.


17 thoughts on “A Message To Anyone

  1. Aw Peg that’s so heartfelt and lovely!! I feel bad about mine now 😦 sorry! You’ve written such a warm and gorgeous letter, I would consider myself privileged to find this and would almost certainly contact you to say that I had!

    You’re a lovely lady you know 🙂 Hope you realise!

  2. So Katy’s blog had me nearly wetting myself, yours made me cry! What a lovely letter. I think you need to remember you’re that person you’re addressing at the end too. You have so much love to share, you just need to find an outlet for it and you really really do deserve to be happy. Remember Pegster, don’t be a stranger xx

      1. In a good way…you’re both such lovely people. Perhaps the best and worst day for you both to have said that. Best being that I’m feeling really quite down and worst being that because I’m feeling down it’s making me cry. 😛 But crying is good. I don’t mind crying. Damn you beautiful people ❤

      2. This is making me think of the craft, remember that scene? She’s gonna cry, then I’m gonna cry, then we’re all gonna cry! Not that I’m crying, but that’s where my head went.

        I’m very much hoping you are smiling (potentially through tears if the tears are necessary) reading these comments Ms Bond (SUCH a cool name) because you are a bit awesome you know, and should very much write it in post it notes all round your house so you are reminded when you go to replenish the toilet roll or have a 3am piece of cheese. Cheesey awesomeness…that should be a thing in the life of Fi!

      3. Good tears, promise. 🙂

        Not too sure about having post it notes around the house…and definitely no 3am cheese, if I’m eating anything at 3am it’s toast (avec Marmite) [not a big cheese fan generally]. Cheesey awesomeness hey?! Marmitey awesomeness sounds yummier. 😀

      1. Peguliar made me laugh…and made me wonder if you were talking to me as you said peguliar and Miss in the same three words…but I don’t have housemates…and it was a response to Katy. 😛 Sleep well x

  3. Omg, you’re name means me in welsh…Fi = me! That’s very cool. Literally when a welsh person asks you your name and you say ‘I’m Fi’ you’re saying I’m me, haha! Me Bond…love it!

    1. HAHA!!! That is rather awesome!!! 😀 Me in Welsh, full name is fair in Gaelic, it all kind of fits with a person with blonde hair and freckles. 😛

      Me Bond, hahahaha. Now I sound like a caveman… Me Bond, You Go, Me Eat, You Hunt

      1. You two are far too funny. I’m a little sad I slept and missed it as I can’t laugh as this conversation demands in the middle of the office! Me Bond: Have an awesome day. KP: NEVER tell me you’re not funny again. Nothing but pure genius coming out of your fingers!!

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