Do I look like my cats?

Today Katy asked us to tell the world about which animal we would be, if we could be any animal at all; both an animal we’d like to be and one which personifies us.

When I first read about today’s theme I was tucked up in a lovely warm bed after having had the deepest night’s sleep in quite a number of days. I was in prime position to maintain some of my sleepiness and in the hour or so I spent tucked under my covers, I stretched twice. Not your arms in the air little stretch, a fully body elongated yawning stretch.

Something akin to our feline friends.

(Please note: this cat is not mine, nor is the photograph, click it to find its original source.)

I have two cats who I love dearly, both of which love to sleep. One prefers to be on her own whilst the other likes to sleep in my arms (yes, really, I think in a past life he was a teddy bear). This morning’s post-sleep activity seemed to fit perfectly with the theme.

I’m not sure I’m very cat-like generally but I would definitely enjoy being one. I love my sleep, perhaps more than the average person and I love food, again, perhaps more than the average person. I also don’t mind looking out of the window from time to time.

Did you know that a cat spends 22% of their time looking out of windows? It’s true, I can’t remember where I got that figure from, but some study was done where they fixed cameras to cat’s collars. A large portion of a cat’s time was, naturally, spent sleeping. That fact doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

So out of any animal I would quite like to spend my days eating and sleeping and staring out the window watching the world go by. I could roll around and stretch and be at peace with the world. I doubt cats are very stressed in that they live a very relaxed lifestyle. Perhaps Bonfire Night and New Years’ Eve are a frightening time for some and of course there’s the odd dog chasing after you, but if you’re like my Bertie and Lila, you can certainly hold your own.

As for which animal personifies me…I’m really not sure, but a test I did said sheep. I can’t see it myself. Baaat it’s getting a little late and I really should have finished this before now.

Anyone got a collar? Where’s my food bowl? I think it’s time for bed.


One thought on “Do I look like my cats?

  1. I wanna be a cat too!!! Although I think I’d find the nine life thing a little scary. I know you *get* nine lives but I’d be worried I’d miscounted most of the time and would die any second… Anyway, a sheep?! Realllllllllllllllllllllly?!

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