Your wish is *taps chest* my command.

“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!” – Alice in Wonderland, Disney

(Apologies, I am 15 minutes late.)

If you’re a fan of Charmed you will probably have seen the episode with the genie. He’s a bit of a con artist actually who simply wants out of his bottle. So what does he do? Fools one of the Charmed ones into wishing him out. This particular genie was a bit of a slime ball and managed to get out of his bottle where he then spent his days eating whilst poor Phoebe was trapped inside his bottle. My favourite part about the whole episode is the way the genie says “your wish is, my command” and in the middle of speaking he does a double tap on his chest really quickly. Me, being the weirdo that I am, does that sometimes just because it’s fun. In fact I was doing it today, thanks to Demand 5 having the line ‘your wish is our demand’ on their website.

Now, on to the actual point of today’s blog. My dear friend Katy decided that today we would be granted three wishes; one for ourselves and one for each of the other girls involved in the Blogathon.

Wishing for things is always such a difficult task because there’s usually a few rules; you can never wish for more wishes and quite frankly, there’s certain things in this world you should not wish for (aka, that someone is dead). Though in actual fact, if you’re in the Charmed world a wish is not without consequence. A genie doesn’t grant you a wish by giving you what you want; he or she grants your wish by stealing what you desire off someone else. It’s a tricky business, but Charmed is very much about magic being to help the greater good, not for personal gain.

But it’s okay, having three wishes I can feel better about taking mine knowing I can grant wishes for two other people also.

My biggest wish would be that everyone in this world was more empathetic. It’s a huge gripe of mine that there are a lot of inconsiderate people in this world. I’m not just talking about those who fly tip, get insanely drunk or swear at you for simply walking down a street. I’m mostly talking about the various acts which many may consider being small, which can actually be rather frustrating for the average person. To name but a few: smoking in a crowded public street, playing music loudly on a bus, abruptly stopping in the middle of a shopping centre and jumping the queue. All seemingly minute things in the grand scheme of the world but I’d much prefer these people think about what effect their actions have on others. I wonder why some people can’t see how annoying this sort of thing is simply because they don’t care to think about it.

Now we’ve got my probably boring wish out of the way I’d like to move on to wishes for my blogathon buddies. This is no mean feat, what a difficult task to wish for something for someone else. I don’t feel I know enough about these two lovely ladies in many ways to be able to do this justice, but I hope they’re still okay.

Katy P – I’d like to grant you the wish to be financially able to begin your travelling as soon as you desire (perhaps sooner than planned) and financially able to go to every single place you would like to go. I know how expensive it can be to travel around and I know you’ve been saving up for such a long time that if I had the ability to grant a wish, I would definitely want you to have the greatest experience you could possibly have from your travels.

Katy S – I’d like to grant you with something which I think would mean a lot to you, if it were possible; the power to be able to stop people smoking and to rid us of the need for it to exist in this world.

That’s all folks…see what Katy and Katy wished for themselves, each other and myself over on their blogs. Links to the left to left all the links over there in the box on the left.


3 thoughts on “Your wish is *taps chest* my command.

  1. Awwww, how sweet. Thank you 🙂 I wish that one a regular basis, when people light up in the middle of a crowd (for example). Your wish is awesome because it would impact so many people who are bothered (me definitely being one of them) about other people’s inconsiderateness. Good plan, batman 😀

  2. Well you beat me by 23 hours Ms White Rabbit so panic not. Lovely blog, lovely theme really, like a good positive thought now and again. I loved that episode of Charmed too, loved Charmed really!!

  3. P.s. Ladies as I’m away now your theme for Monday is: most memorable childrens book(s) (pre aged 7 (ish), no more than 3 each please) and Thursday is the fear you would most like to conquer. Happy blogging 🙂

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