Are you eggstatic for Easter or bonkers for your birthday?

Hello and welcome to another day on the Blogathon. Today’s theme is brought to you by Katy S who would like to know which event throughout the year is our favourite. Do we go crazy for Chinese New Year, eggstatic for Easter or perhaps a little bonkers for our birthday?

This is a difficult theme for me because nothing really stands out. I don’t especially love to spend Easter with my folks visiting some random little town (we went to somewhere in Derbyshire this year) over eating pancakes the day after Shrove Tuesday because our frying pan is crap (we bought a new one). Nor do I really celebrate Bonfire Night or Halloween and I’ve never enjoyed the celebration of Chinese New Year (though I’m sure I would if I actually took part).

The only two that stand out are the bog standard Christmas and Birthday. Even New Year is out; I don’t do much for it. Sometimes I spend it with my aunty, uncle, cousin and parents, usually in fact.

Christmas is quite an occasion for my family, as you’ve read in previous blogs. We’re always very busy and hardly have time to sit down in between the craziness. Though I wouldn’t mind a quiet Christmas at home one year, but I don’t expect that to happen. My mum wants it too, yet she won’t actually do it.  Now is it my favourite? I’m not so sure.

Which really only leaves my birthday. I wish I could say my birthday was my favourite event of the year except that I don’t believe it is. Having very few (and by few I mean mostly none) living, breathing and accessible friends (in other words, people who I see in person, not you lovely internet people who of course live and breathe too) I really don’t have an awful lot of plans for my birthday. Last year I did manage to spend the day before with a couple of friends to celebrate (but not without a bit of drama ahead of time, damn boys) but for my actual birthday I went to Stockport Air Raid Museum and got in for concession price. Yes, ladies and gentleman, on my 24th birthday I didn’t pay adult fare. Well, if we’re being picky, I didn’t pay full stop (thanks dad), but still. I did enjoy it and it was my choice to go there, but what a strange way to celebrate my birthday. We then ended up in a restaurant where we ate food, yum yum yum. Other years I have gone out for meals with my parents and aunty, uncle and cousin.

Part of me would love to say that my favourite event of the year is when I get involved in something for Anti-Bullying Week (which is this week) but even that I haven’t been able to do anything for this year…

Sorry Katy, probably not what you were looking for. How about we invent a new event which can be the greatest event ever for the whole wide world?!

Please check out Katy’s blog to see what her favourite event is. Unfortunately the other Katy is in another location enjoying something other than the internet with her family and though we try not to be jealous, we do wish we were there. When I say we, I mean me, though I imagine Katy S wouldn’t mind it too.


One thought on “Are you eggstatic for Easter or bonkers for your birthday?

  1. Doing something different for your birthday is awesome! It’s definitely a time of the year to do something different, something you wouldn’t do day to day, it makes it memorable!

    I’d love to be whereever Katy is right now… this is all making it sound very secretive!!

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