Oui Mr Carrot, let’s play Flowerfairies & Witches

Do you remember being a child at primary school where the world was so much more innocent and the silliest of things made you laugh? I’m sure we’ve all got lots of memories of being children, especially from our school days.

Today I set the Katys the theme of writing about three memories from their childhood with a focus on school. We’ve all blogged quite a bit about different parts of our childhood; Christmas, places we shouldn’t go, our favourite books, to name but a few.

It’s amazing though, when you sit down to think, just how many different memories we have of our days in school. I could talk about the times I wet myself (what kid hasn’t done that?!), the fact my classes were called Class 1, Class 2, etc. instead of Receptions, Year 1, etc., the games of heads down thumbs up or maybe even the few playtimes I had to spend in Mrs McGarren’s classroom because I had a bad leg (the Lego box was amazing). Instead I have chosen a handful of different stories for you.

Strangely enough my first thoughts were all events/memories from playtime; I guess it’s the time when you make the most memories. Yes, you can learn your times tables (and have star stickers put in your fancy white, shiny card when you achieve them) or have your first proper homework (in the form of Mental Maths books) but everyone had that, you know? We all learnt our ABCs, we all learnt to count, to spell, to draw whatever it was you wanted to whenever you got the chance.

Mr Carrot

My first memory is one of my less bright moments. I was sat in class three (year two to everyone else) and we didn’t have our usual teacher. I can’t even remember why. Instead we had the computer teacher, this was back when computers were as basic as they came and we had this game/learning program about a little red tomato type thing called Pod. Mr Garret eventually became the class five (year four) teacher and he had terrible grammar…something which all the parents were in uproar about (wouldn’t happen today, half the parents in the world don’t seem to have good grammar either). Anyway, I was sat there waiting for him to call my name out in the register. Having the surname Bond I was always relatively near the top. I think prior to the register we were all laughing and joking about his name because having a name like Garret children are likely to think up the alternative options (sorry!). I must have been thinking about it for too long because when the moment came that he called my name my response came out as “Yes, Mr Carrot”. Suffice it to say, I got sent out of the classroom for that one. Doh.

French Class

I wish I was fluent in French and from the amount of years I actually spent studying it, it’s actually surprising I know as little as I do. I first took French classes in class two. I remember sitting in the hall in front of one of those gym horse things where the French teacher (who came in just for our class) had stuck pictures on the side. I also recall sitting at a table and colouring in pictures of Isabella Coccinella (Isabella the ladybird). I have further memories of standing on the other side of the hall singing songs in French. Bon Anniversaire anyone? I can’t remember when or why but eventually the classes moved out of the school day and into the evening. I’ll always remember the parents gathering outside the fire door in the dark waiting for our class to finish. We had lots of fun in that room. It was the first place I learnt that Bingo can be played with various French words (or themes) and pasta shells. It was at the table by the curtain (our classrooms didn’t have doors, they had curtains which you could close or leave open, we often left them open unless we were watching something) that I admitted to my then friends that I had a crush on Prince Harry (what was I thinking?!). It was also in that classroom where I won an advent calendar (and when I got home I ate it all in one day because who needs a second advent calendar?) and every week if we did something good we were allowed to put our hand into the Boîte de Bonbons and pull out a sweet. I’ll never forget Madam Wilcock and her wonderful French classes.

Flowerfairies and Witches

My final memory for today is probably the best one of my playtimes. I was quite popular in primary school, well, we all got along, you know? It was a relatively happy class and we all enjoyed spending time together. I was the little one and everyone seemed to like that. Some playtimes we would play a game known fondly as Flowerfairies and Witches. I’m not sure where it came from, whether it’s a real game, or whether someone had a really good imagination. All I know is that it was a really enjoyable game. We’d split into two groups – I think there were usually a few Witches but generally there were a lot more Flowerfairies. We’d each name ourselves after a flower (very educational!) and the Witches would always have some sort of magical powers. I guess it was a little bit like The Smurfs. The Flowerfairies would live on this round stone wall thing which had a big tree in the middle and a seat at the front. That was where we were at our safest. Then once in a while one of us would have to leave for some reason or another and if we weren’t careful the Witches would catch us! Of course, kids being kids, once in a while the rules would change in the middle of the game. ‘I got you.’ ‘No you didn’t, I forgot to tell you I have a forcefield around me that protects me.’ Yeah, right! What a wonderful thing to be able to remember.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down my primary school memory lane. Don’t forget to find out what Katy and Katy got up to at their primary schools.


One thought on “Oui Mr Carrot, let’s play Flowerfairies & Witches

  1. French lessons in primary school!?! Curtains instead of walls?! A computer teacher 15 years ago?! YOUR SCHOOL SOUNDS LIKE IT WAS AWESOME!

    I’m not off to gather friends to play flowerfairies and witches…

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