Jodi Picoult Mix Up

It’s Monday, Monday, gotta do work on Monday, everybody’s wishing it was the weekend. But it’s not. It’s Monday; just another Manic Monday and a Monday where I hope to be rather productive. The fact I’m blogging before lunchtime says it all.

Today’s Blogathon theme, brought to you by my fair hands, is quite a random one. No talking about your life or being creative. We’re simply picking random sentences out of random books and hoping together they make sense.

I didn’t quite choose ten random books in the general random way, which I hope my fellow Blogathonners won’t mind. I happen to own eleven Jodi Picoult books so I thought it would be interesting to put together ten lines from ten of her books. I left the most recent purchase on the shelf (or should that be in a pile on little plastic drawers) and put the other books into order of when I read them (as best as I could remember, it probably wasn’t accurate) with the three books at the end I either haven’t read or haven’t finished. Though the final book should be slotted in somewhere in the middle as I couldn’t find it, but found it just as I was putting the other books away.

These are the books:

The Pact

Salem Falls

Vanishing Acts

Plain Truth

Perfect Match

My Sister’s Keeper

The Tenth Circle


Second Glance

Nineteen Minutes

And here is my random piece of random that came from them, worked out pretty well actually:

The exercise room was small and sparsely furnished, with only a handful of equipment.

For eight months, he’d hated the system, which gave women the benefit of the doubt.

They think Concise did this to me, I realize – a black guy trying to make his white cellie so unhappy that he’d beg to be transferred out.

For a while Katie was silent.

We undress each other with brutality, ripping fabric and popping buttons that roll under the couch like secrets.

In the end, we compromise.

She was gone for only a few seconds and came back bearing a paper cone from a water cooler.

It was a dining room, decorated with a large oval cherry table and an Irish lace runner.

Ross sat on the floor of the tent with Az Thompson’s Hudson Bay blanket wrapped around his shoulders.

The first thing that struck Patrick, again, was how much younger Judge Cormier looked when she wasn’t on the bench.

I’m really happy with how this turned out because when I originally set forth with this idea I wanted random. Yet when I purposefully chose Jodi Picoult’s novels I hoped that there would be some sort of order to what I came up with. Aside from a random dining room and a random tent appearing, it’s not actually that random and could be quite an interesting story.

Now go see what Katy and Katy have come up with! Links to the left, to the left. (Yes, I’m blogging in song today, apparently.)


One thought on “Jodi Picoult Mix Up

  1. Yours kind of works too!! How cool 🙂 It was a fun game to play, I enjoyed it muchly!

    I also like that Katie is in there, haha, maybe that’s just me!

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