The lovers, the dreamers…and me.

Today’s blogathon is brought to you by the letter P (Katy P) and a theme song of our choosing. Katy asked the other Katy and I to share a song which represents us at this very moment in our lives.

The last year or so hasn’t been a very good one for me and I’ve come to realise a lot of things, namely, that sometimes it just gets a little too much. I didn’t necessarily want to bring a depressive song to the table but I also don’t want to pretend I’m feeling something that I’m not.

I’ve cheated a little (which we all seem to do at some point!) and I actually have two songs. Try as I might to whittle it down to just one was virtually impossible. My first port of call when searching was Delta Goodrem. I’ve always found her songs the most inspirational and that I have related to the most. I tried to take a hop, skip and a jump through Missy Higgins, Schuyler Fisk and Sarah McLachlan but alas, no, I landed back on Delta. Twice.


Let’s get the less upbeat song out of the way first. Fragile is one of my all-time favourite Delta songs, but not just that; the lyrics, I think, can fit almost any situation or person and it’s one of those songs which really makes me feel like it’s okay to feel what I feel.

Sometimes I feel like I’m alone
Sometimes I feel like I’m not that strong
Sometimes I feel so frail so small
Sometimes I feel vulnerable
Sometimes I feel a little fragile

Disorientated (no, I haven’t spelt it wrong, this is apparently the traditional spelling of the word and also, it is the correct title of the song.)

My first thought when I saw the title was to play it, it spoke to me, it says that the world is crazy and mixed up and a little confusing and quite frankly, that’s how I’ve been feeling. Whilst feeling rather fragile I’ve been in this weird space where nothing is how it’s supposed to be. I can’t describe just how fitting this song is or how much I relate to it and course there’s probably the odd line that I shake my head at, but overall, I’m disorientated.

Things are changing
So much arranging of my life
I must take hold
I’ll keep on spinning until I find myself again

Head on over to Katy and Katy’s blogs to find out what songs fit their moods at the moment! You know they’ll be amazing, as always.

* The title is from the song Rainbow Connection.


One thought on “The lovers, the dreamers…and me.

  1. Been ages since I listened to some Delta, she has the most beautiful voice. Fragile is a lovely song, think everyone feels like that sometimes honey, hopefully sometimes you also feel like you have people to make you feel stronger when you need it 🙂 Have never heard Disorientated either, tis one of those songs which manages to make sense of a nonsensical feeling, when the world feels a bit out of shape and you’re out of sorts with it. I like it when music does that, tells the story you couldn’t voice, clever.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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