The Other Musicals…

I’m not much of a gig person. I don’t attend festivals every year like Katy P and I don’t go to concerts every weekend like it seems Katy S has been doing of late. In fact, I can count the number of concerts/gigs I have been to on one hand. I don’t even need a full hand, or all of my four fingers.

I’ve been to just three.

There’s been the odd variety show, or the X Factor style competition my dad entered himself into, where there have been people performing. I’ve also attended a few school concert related events; I seem to recall playing a cello in a concert at the local (and not so Royal) Albert Halls. But none of that is really what I think Katy was after when she suggested a theme of our first musical happening.

The last gig and really, the only gig, I went to was about six years ago now and a few local bands played in a pub. That pub is no longer even in existence and is probably looking rather unoccupied.

The only two concerts I’ve ever been to, that were major, national tour-style concerts with singers the world has actually heard of were both in the same venue: the Manchester Evening New Arena.

My first was of my choosing and I was very excited about going, I took my best friend at the time, Mark. We went to see S Club 7 and whilst it was enjoyable, our seats were rather far back and they were rather tiny. It was their first tour though (the only one I went to) and I thought it was great.

The second concert I went to was chosen by a later friend, Steph, who has always had a great love of Britney Spears. We were sat on the complete other opposite side of the stage to the first time I went and the seats were marginally better. That too was a great show.

I don’t have much to say about the whole thing, I’m not really sure why I’ve never been big on concerts. I don’t mind going to them, I guess I just don’t have many artists who I’m desperate to see live.

I’ve waited years for Delta Goodrem to do a tour, or at least perform at a local venue, but alas, that was put on the backburner time and time again. I don’t expect it to ever happen, though if she ever does do a tour, or performs nearby, I will definitely be there.


2 thoughts on “The Other Musicals…

  1. So you’ve been to see Britney and S Club? Not a bad list I’d say!! A lot of the gigs I’ve been to have been because my friends were going and I kind of thought ‘yeah why not!’, that’s how I ended up in Glasto too. I’d always prefer to say yes to an experience than no which is how I’ve ended up doing some pretty random stuff with people I don’t know that well, but always have a great time, haha!

    Fingers crossed for Delta Goodrem then!

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