Why do you want to do that?!

I set today’s rule and I’m already going to break it. I asked Katy and Katy to write about three things they wish to do before they die, the reasons behind them wanting to do it, how they’re going to do it, etc. Basically, they can write about three things they want to do in life in any which way they like.
The reason I’m going to break the rule I set (of choosing just three things) is because two of the things on my list happened in the same year, they both happened roughly eight years after I originally made the decision that I wanted to visit them and they both involve a piece of media that I grew up on.
01. Go to Barcelona
I didn’t used to like Barcelona; I didn’t use to have any opinion on it. Until S Club 7 set foot on Spanish soil and decided to set their fourth and last television programme in the city. They walked through the gardens of Park Guell and I thought it looked like a nice place. Then I had to study architecture for art in school and I chose Gaudi. Together, I fell in love with the city I got to visit in 2008.
02. Go to San Francisco
Around the same time I was watching S Club 7 dance by the sea in Spain and making a shoe inspired by architecture (yes, a shoe) I was also enjoying Saturday nights on channel 5 watching Charmed. If you didn’t know, it’s set in San Francisco and after hundreds of shots of the Golden Gate Bridge, of Golden Gate Park and the Transamerica building, I wanted to go. Though my trip was brief (I stayed at Stanford University, which was a train ride away) and I only spent one proper day in the city (unfortunately only seeing my beloved bridge from a distance) my wish was granted…again, in 2008.
50. Go on the Neighbours tour
I’m not going to break the rules with this one, despite 49 being to visit Palm Beach during the filming of Home and Away. Though basically, the same thing goes for both. I grew up on Australian soap operas, I’m not sure why or how, but I’ve spent my life watching Harold Bishop shake his jelly belly, cried when Drew died, sobbed my heart out when the roof of the Lassiter’s complex collapsed in the programmes worst on-screen fire. I’ve been there through the good times and the bad…and I want nothing more than to set foot on Ramsey Street (the real Ramsey Street, not the one round the corner from me) and if possible, I want to be able to see some of the stars who I’ve grown up around. I definitely know Susan Kennedy’s voice better than some of my own relatives.
95. Go fishing – at least once
This is probably one of my most random tasks on the list. I wanted to share this one because of how random it is. I don’t care about fishing, I’ve never cared about it. I have no inclination to do it and the thought of using live bait makes me squirm…so why is it on my list? Well, if I’m honest, when compiling my list, I went through many others’ lists and I picked some things I thought would be interesting. Whilst I’ve never had any interest in fishing, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have a go. In fact, I quite like the idea of having a go, doing something that I don’t actually care to do and seeing what happens.
So that’s my three, if you want to read about Katy and Katy’s tasks, then please visit their blogs. Also, if you want to see the full list of the things I want to do before I die you will find it up there, in the links, 100 Things.
(Going slightly off topic, I have JUST realised that 78. Make an item of clothing, has been completed. I made some pyjama bottoms. That counts. That so counts.)


2 thoughts on “Why do you want to do that?!

  1. Take it from me that fishing is not all its cracked up to be. Maggots smell gross and then there’s a lot of generally sitting *very quietly* waiting to spear some poor little fish so you can either club it over the head or rip the hook out of its mouth and put it back in the water where it’ll probably die. Selling it for you? 😛 I used to go a lot with my brother and my dad. It’s not so bad if you’re going to eat the fish I guess, but gutting fish is GROSS! And scaling them isn’t much nicer, ich! Am such a girl!

    I like that you have been to Barcelona, did you like it? I wasn’t that impressed if I’m honest, but I think I went with the wrong crowd. We basically stopped there because it was cheaper to go to Morocco via Spain than go straight there. Didn’t actually visit Park Guell at all and I wasn’t allowed to go into the Sagrada Família because everyone else was hungry. Maybe I need to go again. A bit like you and SanFran, need to do the bridge!!

    Neighbours tour is a must, wonder if I’ll get to do that in April!!! xx

  2. Hahaha, I agreew hole heartedly on Katy’s comments about fishing. I did it from the top of a boat in the Norfolk Broads and caught NOTHING. However, you have to do it to experience it I think. You never know, you might love it!

    I think I need to do Barcelona and San Fran too. My sister did Barcelona and didn’t like it, mainly because she could speak no Spanish (mind you, neither can I…) but I don’t think she did any of the cultural things. After watching that film…. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (I think?!) I’ve wanted to go 🙂

    I think I need to a) demand Katy goes to the Neighbours tour and b) does a blogathon special on it… just putting it out there 😛

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