Jump froggy, jump!

Today, by the request of Miss Katy P, I am going to teach you something. I don’t have many things I wish to teach the world and short of telling you to name all 50 states of the USA (it’s quite a task to learn them, after all) it’s not exactly something I can teach you to do.

But what I can do, is teach you to make an origami frog. Not just any frog, a frog that jumps (minus its fancy back legs because that just gets more complicated, so it’s the simpler version). To teach you this, I’m going to need the assistance of my camera because quite frankly, even I never read the instructions in origami books; I just look at the pictures.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to leave you with just pictures…though that would be fun.

Step One: Get a piece of paper, probably A4, since most people don’t have square paper hanging around.

Step Two: fold the paper diagonally, so that the top edge (holding it portrait) meets the edge at the side. Yes, there’s supposed to be a big section that isn’t covered at the bottom…you need to cut this off. Now you have a square, voila!


Step Three: fold the square in half (not diagonally), it doesn’t matter which side you fold to which side, it’ll still be in half. (Just saying!)

Step Four: now you need to do like you did on step two, fold the paper diagonally (holding it portrait again) so that the top edge meets the edge at the side.

Step Five: open step four back out so it’s a rectangle again and then fold it diagonally in the other direction. Then open it back out again, you will see a cross where the folds are.

Step Six: fold the top half of the paper in half, so that the cross is folded in half, basically the rectangle is like two squares and you’re folding the top square in half.

Step Seven: this is where it gets a little tricky, imagine your top square is made up of six sections, two small triangles on each side and one big triangle at the top and the bottom. You need to fold the bottom left diagonal fold down and the straight line which separate it with the top left triangle back across so that the top left triangle covers the bottom left triangle. Have I lost you yet? The photograph may help.

Step Eight: you need to do it again with the right hand triangles, so that the two bigger triangles overlap each other (with the small triangles are sandwiched between them). It should now look like a big arrow, or a tall house.

Step Nine: now you need to focus on the bottom square, fold the bottom of the page up to meet the bottom of the triangle.

Step Ten: I need you to forget about the two squares being separate now as they’re finally working together. You need to fold the side of the paper to meet the middle, so that the right hand edge folds across the bottom half and underneath the edge of the triangle at the top. Does that make sense?

Step Eleven: then repeat on the left hand side, so that the edge is partially hidden by the triangle. It should look a little like an arrow with a smaller stick than before.

Step Twelve: take the edges of the triangle and fold them upwards at an angle, they should NOT touch the top of the triangle, but stick out over the top edge, like in the photograph. Do this again for the other side of the triangle. You should be able to see the sides completely, which you folded in earlier.

Step Thirteen: you now need to fold the bottom half of the paper upwards, not in half but so that it overlaps with the bottom of the triangle (and the bottom corners of the paper meet roughly where the top of the side folds is, from step ten). I wonder if you’re completely lost…though I hope the photos will help.

Step Fourteen: next, the section you just folded upwards, you need to fold it back down, but in half, so that the top of the paper (which was in the middle of the paper after step thirteen) meets the bottom of the fold you just made.

Step Fifteen: turn the frog over, place it on a surface, press the last folds down…and release. Where is your froggy now?

Enjoy playing with your frog. Why not make another one and have a race with a friend? Or you could try making them in different sizes. The bigger they are, the least far they jump…the smaller ones are the best! Different coloured paper works too, or colouring them in, frogs like to have eyes!

To see what Katy and Katy have to teach us today, please visit their blogs, links to the left.


2 thoughts on “Jump froggy, jump!

  1. Eee I want to try this! Why oh why am I at work? Maybe I can do it sneakily…hang on… *searches for paper*

    Ok so I found an A6 piece of card and I think maybe it was a bit small and thick, as it got very hard to fold aaand my frog doesnt jump, haha! However, it IS frog shaped, and generally awesome! Good lesson indeed 🙂

    Once for a training exercise we had to teach people something, I gave them a lesson in zig zag snakes, it was lots of fun!

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