Advent: December 1st

Every day in December I am going to post a different Christmas song, today is: Do You Hear What I Hear

The version I intend to share isn’t the original. Despite the fact that most Christmas songs are covered and re-covered, my intense dislike of songs being covered makes me feel obliged to share the original. Interestingly, I didn’t know who originally created it so it took a little bit of research.

The lyrics were written by Noel Regney and the music by Gloria Shayne Baker. This song has been covered by hundreds of artists, including: Whitney Housten, Bob Hope, Kelly Rowland, Andy Williams, The Carpenters, Galdys Knight, Celine Dion and Bob Dylan, to name just a few.

The one I most wanted to share, the version I know best, is by the Australian singer/songwriters/pianist Delta Goodrem. I hope you enjoy both versions.

Noel Regney & Gloria Shayne Baker – Do You Hear What I Hear (the original)

Delta Goodrem – Do You Hear What I Hear


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