Chicken, Marmite, Chocolate… *mouth waters*

It’s no secret that I love food. I’ve always been quite a fussy eater and there’s still some foods I refuse to eat, which probably begs the question, how can I love food? Well, I may not like lots of different kinds of foods, but the foods I do like, I love.

I often joke that my five food groups are: Chicken, Marmite, Bread, Chocolate and Potatoes.

With just those five staples and sauces to make certain things even better, I would be perfectly happy in life. In fact, I’m going to cook some sort of chicken stew tonight for tea.

Marmite has always been something I’ve loved, I believe it’s a family tradition because not only do I love my Marmite, but so does my dad, my cousin’s on my dad’s side, my auntie and uncles on my dad’s side and my grandma. It’s certainly a Bond family thing!

When I was very little I used to love mashed potato, chicken and gravy more than anything in this world and actually, I haven’t had it in my old ‘traditional’ format in a long time because it got a bit bland.

I’ve always been a huge fan of traditionally English food; roast dinners, hot pot, meat pies, fruit pies, fruit crumble…okay, I need to stop with that list as it’s making me hungry.

I don’t care what anyone says about bread. I love it. Marmite on toast (with butter too, well, margarine, or butter on special occasions, or when we’re on holiday) is literally a daily occurrence in my life. It’s probably the only foods which are. If I don’t have at least a bit of Marmite and bread in a day, well, it’s not always as good a day as it could have been otherwise.

I can’t help but love chocolate…most people do after all. So much yum. At the moment my love is Twirls. The thing about me and my chocolate and crisps is I don’t have a favourite. I have a favourite of the moment. What I tend to do is over eat that specific thing and end up hating it for a while – I’m not quite over my dislike of Aeros or Maltesers, but it’ll happen one day.

When it comes to actual meals I love though, chicken dishes aren’t exactly on the menu, oddly enough.

Favourite meals: lasagne and cannelloni! Both of which make me considerably happy. Though saying what I said about chicken, I tried making a chicken lasagne a few months back and I almost died of love. I put Reggae Reggae sauce, Nandos sauce and Buffalo sauce (all quite hot!) into the first attempt and when it mixes in with the cheese sauce, it’s like heaven. Cannelloni is an old favourite because of a restaurant in the Lake District which still exists but doesn’t serve the cannelloni dish it used to. I would crave that meal sometimes. Their garlic bread was also amazing, if I think hard enough, I can remember how it smelt and tasted. We did go at least once a year and the garlic bread never changed, so that’s why I remember it so well.

Favourite desserts/sweets: I’m a sucker for dessert. I don’t have it at home, but I love to have it out of the house and I love to have it when it’s not time for dessert. In other words, I buy myself dessert type foods and I eat them when I choose to.

I especially love cheesecake (vanilla, proper New York cheesecake, though it’s extremely hard to find a good one), apple pie/crumble, rhubarb crumble, profiteroles, oh gosh, mouth is almost watering just thinking about it.

And I haven’t even got to the cakes yet! I am a cake lover. I do believe that birthday cake is entirely separate to dessert and so, on your birthday (or someone else’s birthday) you should be able to eat dessert and THEN have birthday cake. I have made myself feel pretty sickly on many occasions doing this, but cake is so good.

Really, when I say I like cake, I’m not the biggest fan of shop bought cakes – unless they’re mini roles or larger alternative, or a slightly better quality cake than your Asda Smart Price. I do prefer to make a cake and eat that; I used to make Madeira cake the most and actually used that as my food technology project at school; I made a three layered, multi-coloured and flavoured cake because we had to make food for an ‘occasions’ and I chose a child’s birthday party. I don’t tend to make other cakes actually and it was just last week that the ginger cake experiment happened. Today I’m hoping to make a coconut cake because I know my mum likes them. I also like making biscuits – jumbles are amazing, as are gingerbread biscuits. I found myself in pure heaven this time last year when I discovered I could make gingerbread.

(One tip, if ever you’re planning on making a cake and don’t do this already – buy McDougall’s Supreme Sponge Premium self-raising flour, it makes cakes soo much lighter than the average self-raising flour.)

I really must research recipes for our chicken tea and cake…


3 thoughts on “Chicken, Marmite, Chocolate… *mouth waters*

  1. That’s a lot of food related stuff right there! You and Katy are such foodies, haha, I thought I spoke about it a LOT but…not so much 😛

    Funny that we all like bread though. You sound like another one who’s not particularly a ‘sweet’ or ‘savoury’ person, more just a food person, like me! Best way to be I say, impartial 😛

  2. Haha, we are completely foodies 😀 It’s brilliant. Have you had marmite spaghetti? It’s a nigella recipe. Cook the spaghetti, stir in marmite with a splash of the water held back from the spaghetti. I’m sure you can add something else but I mentioned this to my other marmite loving friend and he practically melted on the spot!

    What are jumbles???

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