Advent: December 4th – Modern Songs (part one, the boys)

Over the last three days we’ve gone back to the beginning of Christmas songs that everybody knows (and many love) and I hope to continue sharing with you all interesting facts and variations on the Christmas songs we’ve grown up listening to. Today, however, I want to bring us back to now.

Whilst there are some songs which have been covered and recovered hundreds of times, there are some which have only been sung once – mostly because they’re brand new.

Whoever thought Christmas songs all had to be centuries old with amazing back stories?

Here’s a couple of Christmas songs that I know (and like) by male artists which I thought I would share with you all.

Backstreet Boys – Christmas Time

A bit of a soppy one, which isn’t exactly a Christmas song in the traditional sense of the word (and if your name is Katy S, you might want to avoid this one!): Ronan Keating – It’s Only Christmas

This one may be a little controversial, from the boy that lots of people love to hate (but I believe he does a good Christmas song and is growing into a great adult artist): Justin Bieber – Mistletoe

If you have any lesser known Christmas songs which are only sung by one MALE artist/band, please share. (I’ll be posting female artist/band and mixed group songs further down the line.)


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