Advent: December 6th – We Three Kings

We Three Kings of Orient Are, one in a taxi, one in a car…don’t worry, I’m only joking. That’s the version I used to sing as a small child, though I can’t remember the whole thing.

The song We Three Kings is also known as The Quest of the Magi. It was written by Reverend John Henry Hopkins Junior in 1857.

Of all the songs I have included in the advent so far, this is probably the one with the most variety of covers. I wouldn’t have expected it really, due to the, more religious feel about it. When it’s traditional, it’s very traditional…and when it’s not…well…here are three versions you wouldn’t have expected to hear (unless you’ve already heard them)!

If you want to listen to it, here’s the ‘Sacred Rendition’ (aka, the very traditional one I mentioned above)

Additionally we have:
Aly & AJ (I really do like their versions of a lot of these Christmas ditties)

An instrumental version by The Toasters

The Amped


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