Advent: December 8th – Christmas Wrapping

I couldn’t think of a song for today’s advent so I asked on Twitter, the song that came up was called Christmas Wrapping. From the name, I had no idea what the song was or who the singers were either; until I listened to it. It sounded familiar, yet it wasn’t quite right. I listened all the way through and now I have a different version of the song in my head. It had trumpets (I think, though listening to the other versions I found, they all seem to have an element of trumpeting) and is sung by a man (I think, but could be wrong) but I can’t find any evidence of said song in the list of songs on my computer…and I’m pretty sure it’s from that list of songs that this song should be. Anyway, if anyone knows what this other version of the song is, PLEASE tell me.

On to the actual song…

It was written by Chris Butler in 1981 and recorded by The Waitresses. Despite only reaching number 45 in the UK charts, it’s still become relatively popular and in the US it was played a lot on the radio, whilst in Canada it became a bit of a classic (does anyone know this song? I don’t really, so feel free to tell me you’ve never heard of it too).

The Waitresses

The song has been covered by various artists from the Spice Girls and The Donnas to Miranda Cosgrove and more recently one of the actresses on Glee.

Spice Girls

And if you’d like to hear them:
Miranda Cosgrove
The Donnas


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