Top 3 Favourite Christmas Songs

I’m behind on my blogging again, which is irritating, but there’s not a lot I can do about this lack of motivation beyond what I’m already doing to combat it.

The theme for Wednesday, which today it is not, is Christmas Songs. As you’ve seen I’ve posted a lot of Christmas songs over the last 8 days. For this theme I asked the girls to write about their top three favourite Christmas songs.

Mine are a little unconventional…though I do have many favourites. I have a whole album of 60 songs and there’s only about three songs which I refuse to listen to.

Mary’s Boy Child

I have a little story to go with this song. When I was younger I had a tape full of Christmas songs and this song was on it, it was a green tape and the version of the song isn’t like most versions you’ll find. Instead of singing “was born on Christmas day” it sounded more like they were singing “was born on Christ-a-mas day” and I’ll never forget the way they sung the song.

It’s really hard to choose songs for this, I’m not religious so none of them have any specific meaning to me and the only reason the one above is on here is because of the way they said Christ-a-mas day, haha.

So, I’m going to go for an Aussie Christmas song next.

Six White Boomers

The version I wanted to show you wasn’t here, but the version above is the original, it’ll have to do. I love how upbeat and random it is, it’s a proper Aussie carol because, unlike the others, it’s not really a rewrite of any other version.

Finally, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a bit of S Club 7.

Perfect Christmas

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this song, it was a B-side on a single and they sung it on the National Lottery (I think? The video is of them performing on whatever television programme it was) and I have to dig the song out every year!


2 thoughts on “Top 3 Favourite Christmas Songs

  1. Ooo you picked two I’ve never even heard of! How interesting 🙂 looking forward to being able to listen tomorrow/later today.

    Hope you find your motivation soon hun, sucks when you lose that. Have you tried under the bed? Or obscure places such as in the popdiping or being used as a bookmark? It’s always in the last place you look 🙂 xx

    1. I hope you enjoy them!

      I wish my motivation was here to find, but I think it was taken by depression. Not sure how easy it’ll be to get it back.

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