Advent: December 11th – It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas; everywhere you go…well, now that we’re eleven days into the advent, I think this song is rather fitting. On December 1st only some people decide to put up decorations and start celebrating the holiday season, whilst others wait ‘til closer to the big day itself to get festive.

Which way do you do it?

My family have always waited until closer to Christmas Day, mostly because we buy a fresh Christmas tree (and these days lots of people have plastic ones, at least in the UK) and we don’t want it to die off before Christmas, so we buy it roughly two weeks before the day. Today we took a trip to town where we saw a very festive looking centre – we have a Christmas market this weekend and next so it was rather wonderful.

Onwards to the song, It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas (as it was originally known) was written in 1951 by Meredith Williams. Unlike other songs on the advent, there’s not much background to the song so it sounds like it’s just an older classic that has become a firm favourite. As usual, many artists have covered the song, so I’ve brought you a mixture from Bing Crosby to a guy on youtube.

Bing Crosby

Johnny Mathis

An amazing version, sung by someone most people won’t have even heard of, Brad Doggett.

If you feel like a bit of Michael Bublé, here he is


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