Having had a brief nosey at Katy and Katy’s blogs I have seen that we have a list of themes. The last 50 blogathon posts have been quite varied and thanks to Katy P you can all see them in their glory.

  1. October
  2. Happy place
  3. Birthdays
  4. Public transport
  5. Inventions
  6. Sport
  7. A regular journey
  8. Same gender vs mixed gender schools
  9. Forbidden fruit
  10. Public displays of affection
  11. What have you done today to make you feel proud?
  12. Fairytales
  13. Gratification
  14. Revisit an old familiar place
  15. Should we kill animals for acting naturally?
  16. Music of your teens
  17. Pick a DVD and tell us about it
  18. Swearing
  19. Home
  20. Halloween
  21. Is chivalry dead?
  22. Where would you ask the Doctor to take you?
  23. Describe your magical island paradise
  24. Sustainability
  25. Do you believe in fate?
  26. A day in the life
  27. The best month of your life
  28. What message would you send in a bottle?
  29. Which animal would you be and why?
  30. 3 wishes, 1 for you, 1 for each blogathoner
  31. Describe a typical Christmas
  32. 3 books you loved as a child
  33. Favourite annual celebration
  34. 3 primary school memories
  35. Fear
  36. Close your eyes, walk down a path, describe what you see
  37. Random sentences
  38. Describe yourself in one song
  39. Photo diary of the weekend
  40. Should Britain have a National Day?
  41. Your first gig
  42. Artificial intelligence
  43. Bucket list
  44. Teach something
  45. Family
  46. Fave food
  47. A visit to Father Christmas
  48. Christmas Past, Present and Future
  49. Top 3 Christmas songs
  50. Winter’s tale.

Now to decide on which were my favourites.

Only trouble is I have looked at Katy and Katy’s and now I feel like I can’t choose the themes they have chosen…mostly because (and I kid you not) they chose the exact same three.

I really enjoyed many and it’s hard to choose but I will have to say:

Fairytales – I enjoyed writing and reading this one, the idea of fairytales has become more prominent in my life since I started watch the programme Once Upon a Time, but I did enjoy it dearly.

3 wishes – it was a hard blog to do but it was wonderful to read the other girls’ blogs.

Magical island – I couldn’t not include this one and it was up top for Katy and Katy as a favourite too. It was so random and fun and beautiful. Plus, it made me buy Swiss Family Robinson on DVD. Haha.

I wish I had more to say on the matter, but I’m not good with endings really, so I will pretend this never even happening – the ending part, not the blogathon – because it’s been a wonderful, enjoyable time that has brought me to much closer to two wonderful girls who have been nothing but a tower of strength in recent weeks. So thanks Katy and Katy, just, thanks.


One thought on “Remember…

  1. Wait, picked the same as each other (which I admit was weird!) or picked the same three as you? Nothing in the rules to say we couldn’t all pick the same, would just be another one of those blog posts which highlights our similarities 😀

    Blogging with you gals has been a pleasure and a treasure. Will be looking to do something else in the New Year hopefully! Thinking caps on please!

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